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    thank you for your contribution and your thoughts. I'm glad to read that you like Envision, I really appreciate that. You are right, these kind of events are really important.

    We will have another version of Envision (or with a different name) in the future. After the merger, we had so many opportunities to connect our community at in-person events, and we have those again now.

    I would include your ideas in my planning document. Would it be okay if I could contact you directly if we find a better way for the next Chaos/Enscape event? I would like to get your feedback.


    Hi all, my name is Bjørn and since November last year I have joined Enscape and my focus is on Education and Events. I am very excited to be part in the Enscape family.

    I need your help!

    We were asked from a great company for a great student projects using Rhino and Enscape. So I wanted to ask you, if you would like to be featured in a story.

    Send me a message or an email if you would like to chat.

    Bjørn Wittenberg

    Senior Manager Events and Education @ Enscape