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    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or not, but I created my first animation of a project and got completely roasted for it. I work for a water/wastewater engineering firm, and for "people" in the asset library, the only one that doesn't look out of place in our model was the person in the safety vest and hard hat. The problem is, this is a proposal for a place in Florida, where PC and equal opportunity is absolutely at the forefront of peoples minds (at least of those making decisions). The person wearing the safety vest and hard hat was an older white male with a large belly. As I mentioned, I was completely roasted, and called a racist, for adding this individual in the model to have a "person" in there. This was taken to the top of the company and the higher ups made a threat of no longer using Enscape on future projects because of this. I also had very little "construction" type equipment to load into the model for the rendering, which made it very difficult to realistically portray the site. Anyone else experience anything like this? Enscape, do you plan on expanding your asset library? If there are no plans to extend the asset library to include some of these items, it has been made very clear that the company will be looking for a different rendering/add-in software for Revit for future animations/renderings.

    Did you try this?

    Yes, I believe so, that's why I mentioned updating my drivers as well as installing the NVIDIA DesignWorks (which is the "executable" file that was mentioned with the link). For my drivers, I used the "Studio driver" vs. the "Game Ready Driver"....should I try those? I also do not have Sketchup on the machine I am trying to connect to. Hardware:

    Dell G5 5590

    Windows 10 Enterprise

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60 GHz

    32 GB RAM

    256 GB NVME HDD Primary

    512 GB NVME HDD Secondary/Storage

    Revit 2021.1

    Enscape works when in the office and running locally, so it shouldn't be an Enscape issue. I don't see a reason to downgrade, unless we know Enscape 2.9 will not work with the NVIDIA DesignWorks and running Remote Desktop after.

    So I'm working from home like many people these days, using Remote Desktop to connect to my office computer. On my office computer, I'm running an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q, and I've just updated my drivers. I also signed up for, downloaded, and ran the NVIDIA DesignWorks OpenGL app. Restarted office computer per instructions, reconnected with Remote Desktop, updated to Enscape 2.9, restarted again. Opened Revit, opened a project, tried to "Start" Enscape, it gets to 5% and then fatal errors out of Revit every time. Any ideas what may be going on? This isn't just happening to me, multiple users are experiencing the same issue, no one has gotten this to work. We may end up having to drop Enscape for another Rendering/animation engine (TwinMotion or Lumion). But based on what I've seen in the past, I like Enscape and would like to continue working with it.