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    Hi Julio

    thanks for your report! Happy to hear that you're having great performance on the RTX 3090 (and I guess you're also lucky to have received on already ;) ).

    We're evaluating DLSS 2 for Enscape in the future, it does however require some larger rewriting of the renderer to be able to improve performance as it's only available on Vulkan and DirectX12 graphics APIs. So I can't give you an exact date when it's going to be released yet.

    Hi @Clemens

    Thanks for the reply! It is actually great that you guys are evaluating the inclusion of DLSS 2.0 in the future! ? I know it may take some time but it will be worth it for sure!

    It wasn't easy to find one at all, was hunting for quite some time and managed to get one at MSRP, also I have been having an issue during the export not sure if it has something to do with the new version of Enscape+3090, but when I exported a video before with the 2070 Super it shows the progress bar nonstop, with the 3090 is faster the progress but it stops at least 4 to 5 times,

    Is like renders until certain point and stops for 3 to 5 seconds and then continues and then stops for another 3 to 5 seconds until is done.

    (It has to stop to recalculate the bounce, reflections, etc?)

    Thanks! Have a nice day!

    I know there has been some debates on whether Enscape should adopt or not DLSS, I just received a 3090 today, an upgrade from a 2070 super, and I must said is a good improvement for anybody using more than 8GBs of VRAM (like me), I god a project that went unmanageable with the 2070, exporting renders at 4K (with 4K textures, 3D HQ scanned assets, etc) I had to find ways around like decreasing the resolution of the monitor to 720p in order to render, otherwise is impossible.

    Knowing this;

    It will be great if you guys take a look at D5 Render implementation of DLSS 2.0 (I know their render engine is based in Unreal and RTX proprietary software) when RTX is OFF and the scene is full of trees (Thousands) it goes a bit slow, but when is ON runs smooth like butter also rendering in 4K helps because DLSS is theoretically rendering at a lower resolution.

    I believe personally Is worth the try!

    Attached is an example of a project that is basically a street of an entire city. Loaded with the elements you see in the view in each street of the city

    Hey Enscape team, its sad but I'm going to have to revert to an earlier version of Enscape. This 2.5 update is causing all kinds of material problems and is just super buggy. Materials randomly go black iin large scenes. It suddenly just freezes up. Its taking for ever to launch the scene. Its just a little too buggy for this go.

    Hello there!

    I hope everyone in this post are ok,

    I am having exactly the same issue my scene is basically huge! i manage to reduced from 2GB to 200mb, improving overall quality, betwen textures, models, assets, proxies, etc,

    the funny part is that exact same model in the version 2.4.2 10-g5495b9a works perfectly fine for me, but any recent version of Enscape shows exactly the same error making a bunch of the textures black and almos imposible to work with the model in Enscape Realtime I am attaching 2 Images same scenes with different versions of Enscape,

    Enscape Ver. 2.4.2 10-g5495b9a (Render took 5 seconds)

    Enscape Ver. (Render took 2 Minutes)

    Also keeps showing me that my Graphic card drivers are outdated which is not true, may be a bug?

    I got

    Intel Xeon W-2125 @ 4.00GHz

    32GB of ram DDR4

    GTX 1080 Ti


    So, I don't think is a lack of hardware :)

    I will revert back to the version that works just fine so far until there is a solution for this problem,

    Also I should mention that the texture in black is an 8k+ texture to be more accurate is a 7715x5154 pixels texture,

    could be that affecting the performance?

    And also is it possible to know what is the maximum texture size supported by enscape then?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback or support!