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    Hello- I cant get enscape to start at all. I uninstalled that last version, installed the newest version Enscape-, I have the SKP update, I updated my Graphics card, I have the latetst Windows 11 update. I'm upto date. Enscape gets about half way through upload and always just dies. 'm running Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10980HK CPU @ 2.40GHz 3.10 GHz with PLENTY of Ram and space. I have client projects due momnday. Help!

    Hello everyone.

    New to the Forums so as I get my feet wet, please bear with me. My issue is with transparency. I was working on a model in SKP 2021 that had the need for sheer curtains. I went through all the tricks I thought of. Transparent the texture in SKP. Then only do that in Enscape, Light is more from the front, then only the back. then both, etc., etc. I cranked all the settings to 0. Then to 100. Played with all the sliders and what I usually got was something very dark, or felt like a shower curtain. Might I be missing something? I just find that function to not be as intuitive as the rest of the interface.

    thank you,