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    +1 from me as well, in particular I've received requests for people in wheelchairs several times I've either gone the photoshop route or like EGIE's post above - combined a sitting person with the wheelchair asset which can work, but doesn't always especially since so many 3d people have their legs crossed or spread in a way that doesn't fit a wheelchair.

    Also, just to add one more layer, I was asked to include a student in a wheelchair for a school library project. I was able to use photoshop, but if Enscape does do an 'accessibility asset update' a comprehensive set would go a long way.


    I'm using Sketchup 2021 with Enscape 3.0.2+45914 and have come across a bug with animating time of day in a video sequence.

    The intent when we found this was to move the sun to keep a building well illuminated while orbiting the camera around it. However, the client noticed some flickering almost like the weather or sun conditions suddenly changed for a few frames and asked that we fix it. At first I thought maybe the time of day was animating in reverse through the night really quickly, but since it only seems to last 4 to 8 frames I don't think that's the case. We also tested it with and without auto-exposure in case there was a bug having to do with the camera seeing something too bright or dark for a few frames but that didn't fix it either. We have also tested it on PCs with and without RTX GPUs.

    I created a very simple sample scene with a cube and 10' radius ground plane in sketchup to demonstrate the issue and it's actually more pronounced in the test attached than what we saw in our actual project. The flickering happens around the 5, 7 and 10 second marks.

    If there's any known temporary workaround or a fix in a newer release let me know




    I noticed this somewhat minor bug but wanted to mention it as I can't quite seem to resolve it. The issue seems to be that a rectangle light (I didn't test other light types) is acting like it is refracting through a material that it shouldn't.

    The material is a copper banker wire that is setup as shown in the attached screenshot. I think that this is the right way to setup this type of material since when I tick on the transparency box what should be opaque wires start behaving as transparent.

    The lights that I placed behind the banker wire in the screenshot have a weird glow around them as you can see in the enscape screenshot which I initially thought could be two things that I found to not be true:

    First, I thought if there was a bump map applied it could be catching the light on the tops of the wires and reflecting the rectangle light at a very shallow angle, however, as you can see in the material editor screen shot there is no bump map applied at all.

    Second, I thought that if the lights were in the same plane as the ceiling the glow might actually be coming from the ceiling since in enscape (and other rendering software I've used) placing lights in exactly the same plane as the ceiling can cause a halo as the renderer tries to resolve the draw-order / z-fighting. This also cant be the case because I placed the lights about an inch below the actual ceiling plane to avoid this.

    The desired effect would be to not have the glow in the banker wire that outlines where the actual enscape light object is placed in sketchup. I am using enscape version 2.6.1+13260 within Sketchup. To reproduce this I think setting up a basic cutout material with a light behind it would yield the same result. I can find out about sharing part of this model if it can't be reproduced by anyone else, but I'd need to run it by the project manager and team first.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Another thing it could be, that I just tested, is the order you do everything in. If you have an existing sketchup material edit the enscape parameters and save your project the edits will persist in that project, but if you bring that .skm into a new sketchup file the settings will not come through. You need to save your .skm after you make your changes in the enscape material editor then the new parameters will come through in a new project (assuming like Ted said your pathing is good).