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    Hi everyone!

    Can anyone tell me why is this happening?

    I tried googling but found no answer.

    The rendering quality is set to ultra. It does not matter if I set it to draft or any other setting, the sky is still there.

    I tried putting a box on top of the room, but it renders the box color instead and not the ceiling texture.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you so much


    Very new with enscape. I'm sorry if the title is not clear enough, but what I want to achieve is to render this outside view, with interior light. (Currently as you can see the shadow is very dark inside)

    I have tried using enscape light , give the lamp inside some self lumination, but the result is still looking similar to this.

    Giving it a sphere light did not help with the strong shadow too, making it look like the store having no interior lights.

    Any help would be appreciated!