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    Thank you for the reply Demian !

    Yes , you are right ... obviously line lights work better but

    unfortunately cove lighting in enscape is not an easy task... :(

    and things can get really tricky when you have to do a backlit 3d sign, like this :

    I use self illuminated material for a backlit sign like this and works really nice but I get the same error like my first post (because of performance optimizations like you said !)

    is there a way to tweak the performance optimizations ? ( I have a good gpu ...)

    thanks again !

    Hello !

    I am working on some retail design lately and I noticed that the self illuminated materials are distance-dependent (?)

    I used a simple white material to imitate cove lighting, when I am close to that ''led stripe'' everything look ok (pic 1)

    but when I move a bit far away the light automatically disappears ?( (pic 2)

    any thoughts ?

    (I don't use autoexposure)

    hello everyone !

    I really like to use a good quality HDRI image to render my exterior images but sometimes the background doesn't fit 100% with my project so

    I tick the (sky/) ''white background'' and I use a nice image in photoshop (= HDRI is only used to light the scene - not visible !)

    I render my image in 4K png + apply alpha channel....!

    In photoshop, because of the white background I get the annoying white pixels around the geometry

    that ruins all the quality of the image :

    this in a well know issue in all render engines and I think is because of the anti-aliasing (and the big difference in brightness, I guess) !

    but in corona render it can be easily eliminated when you render with black background !

    Any ideas how this can be fixed in enscape ?

    maybe instead of ''white background'' a ''black backround'' (or custom color) would be nice !

    thanks in advance !

    Hello Kaj and thank you for the reply !

    the image I posted was a crop from a 4k hi-settings png...

    I think I found what the problem was !

    the vertical white stripe next to the tv was just a simple white color self illuminated but it's value was to high ...

    by lowering the intensity (4500 cd/m2 > 850 cd/m2) the noise almost disappeared !

    thanks again !

    hello! :)

    lately I tried the enscape's stand alone feature and I must say it's really impressive !

    I modelled a 120sqm apartment in Sketchup , I wanted it to be a bit detailed (yet lightweight) so I used ALOT enscape assets and I proxied all the models that I imported from the 3d warehouse's site !

    the final ''proxied'' sketchup file is 20mb but the standalone is 260 mb ! Obviously , the ''proxy trick'' didn't work 100% with the stand alone exe ,I guess... ( I wanted a relatively small stand alone file) ...

    When I open the stand alone file , I am 90% happy mostly because when I walk inside the apartment I get some noise and I need to stop in order to see the final quality ...

    My pc specs are good (16core -amd 3950x, 128gb ram , 3080 rtx) and still I can't get the smooth feel during the walkthrough (like unreal engine for example ) .. I understand that nothing is baked

    but if in my pc the result is not smooth ... I don't want to know what is gonna happen in my clients crappy laptop ...:rolleyes:

    ( I think , it's a pity when you try to impress your client, when you worked really hard , you sent the standalone file ...and the client previews your project in draft quality...)

    Said that, I think that the standalone feature is hard to make it work (because of client's hardware) unless you have to do a simple preliminary design.

    The web standalone's limitations (draft quality , poor reflections ) isn't a good solution either (at least for me ..)!

    Due the corona virus, 1-1 meetings are hard to get with clients ... you must sent a file ... and win the client without being present ...!

    So the questions are :

    1. When the web standalone's quality will be better ? :)

    2. maybe ''the bake mode'' is the best way the achieve something lightweight and still smoothly visible from a tablet or cellphone (?) / shapeshark is a good example

    ps. I am attaching some quick renders from the test project...

    Thank you Demian for the reply !

    actually some of the noise is from the emissive material that I used (for example in the spot lights) ... like all the other render engines , emissive materials

    is not really a ''GI light'' and some times cause these artifacts ...

    All the marked areas are problematic IMHO, but you have to open the full image to see :)

    How anti aliasing works in enscape ? is only controled by the chosen quality ?

    what about a manual selection during export ? or a sharpen slider ?

    thanks again!

    Hello there !

    I have been using enscape for a while and I am loving it ! :thumbsup:

    I managed to upgrade my gpu about a month ago (3080 rtx) and the last few days

    I am trying to achieve some hi-end results from enscape (2,8) !

    I had some issues with the 4k animation , the final video looked a bit blurry (I tried the lossless method too and I had the same results ) but

    I managed to resolve it by unticking the ''auto resolution '' and '' auto upsampling'' in the performance tab ! now the video looks nice and crisp !:)

    I am still not really happy with the render results though ...

    I get enough noise in enscape's preview window (is that normal ? ) and the final image is medium quality for some reason ... (render quality Ultra / capture as png):/

    So , the questions are :

    -is it ok that the preview window has that much noise ? (att. 1 / preview window.jpg)

    -why the final 4k image has these issues with the reflections (att.2 / final 4k.jpg) ?

    the materials are simple (reflection , normal map)... or maybe is a kinda limitation for enscape like the mirror material ?

    thanks in advance