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    Please add my voice as a user unhappy with how the space mouse is functioning in Enscape now.

    Biggest complaint: using the space mouse automatically switches you to fly mode - it's impossible to use walk mode and the space mode at the same time, which is how I prefer to use Enscape.

    Next issue is that the movement speed is inconsistent and I cannot find a way to make the speed constant. If you stop close to a surface in enscape, then start moving again, the speed is very slow. But if you look at something far away and stop, then start moving again then the speed is much faster. I need a constant speed that isn't dependant on what the last surface in focus was.

    I am using the latest Enscape version (3.3.1) in Revit 2023 with the latest 3DX connexion drivers.

    Please revert to the way the space mouse used to work in Enscape - it was perfect then! Or at least give us the option in the Enscape settings.

    I've been sharing a project via the Enscape web standalone feature with a client who is accessing the link using an HP ultrabook.

    The problem they're experiencing is that Enscape is using the device's internal compass/sensors to look around within enscape by default. So physically moving the laptop around moves the enscape view. This makes it very difficult for the user to navigate using the mouse and keyboard because when they try and look around using the mouse, the device sensors compete with the mouse which makes it nearly impossible to navigate. It's almost like Enscape thinks the ultrabook is a VR headset, but I can't find any way to turn this off in the web standalone settings. The ultrabook is not in tablet mode.

    I am having this issue as well. The displacement map doesn't seem to cast shadows.

    The attached screenshot shows what I'm working on. If you look at the shadow line cast by the sun on the right, you can see the line us unaffected by the displacement.

    Normal maps cast shadows really well and ok from a distance, but not up close.

    I am using Revit 2021 with Enscape 2.9.1+34079, and my render settings are on ultra. Backing up from the surface doesn't help.

    Having Enscape round the edges of our model is a much needed feature for us. I can see this being a 2-part feature:

    1. A global parameter in the enscape visual settings that is controlled by a slider. The higher the slider, the more rounded all edges in the model get.

    2. A material-specific parameter that overrides the global rounded edges parameter. It could work in a similar way that enscape detects grass via the material name. This could let us control how rounded specific materials are (aka, "Round_Edge_1", "Round_Edge_2", "Round_Edge_2", etc.). However, as mentioned in a previous post, it would be preferable for enscape to look for these material parameters in the material comment field, not the material name. This is because revit uses the material names to drive schedules and tag drawings.

    Thanks for all your hard work Enscape team!

    P.S. I miss being able to track these feature requests in the old Enscape Trello board :)

    I am having a problem with the new version of Enscape (version When navigating the model, any time I get out of the direct sunlight either by going behind a building or going inside, the screen starts flickering with black patches and white glowing orbs. You can see an example of it here:

    I am running Revit 2017 on Window 10 (fully updated), and with a Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphics card which is also running the newest updated form Nvidia.

    This issue was not happening with Enscape version 2.1 on the same computer. I would love to use this new version, but for now I might to have to uninstall and roll back to the previous Enscape version for our client presentations, because this happens every time.

    Thanks in advance for your help!