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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    The way I've done this is to put foreground entourage on a separate layer and then render an alpha pass with only that foreground layer turned on and a pass of the scene with the foreground layer turned off. Then combine in post and you can set the desired opacity of the foreground elements. You can also export an object channel if you want to set different objects in the foreground layer to different opacities.

    Hope this helps!

    Right. But you aren't selling the 3d models or the likeness. You're selling an images that you composed of assets you have the copyright to use.

    Just like if graphic designers and devs using sites like envato or stock photos. You're not selling the persons likeness and if you're not giving them the model they can't access unlicensed content.

    So you should be fine.

    End User License Agreement

    May find it here. But in general, if you own a license, you have the copyright of anything you produced during that time, including assets provided with the software. There's a line in the EULA that states you have copyright of the software during your licensed period and this would include any assets shipped with the software. Even if you discontinued the license at the end of your terms, the copyright is still protected since you created under a licensed time period, to my understanding.

    You just don't have the right to sell the software or assets themselves.

    Question... now that we have a fully integrated version for mac, I am wondering if the settings that I set on a pc in the sketchup/enscape model will carry over when I send it to someone operations on a mac and vice versa. Has anyone experimented with this? TIA.

    Hey Cindy! Are you in Walk mode or fly mode? I know I've never been able to walk through a plan unless I was in fly mode. When presenting to clients I just do a quick double tap on the space bar to toggle walk/.fly.

    Well maybe we will be blessed one day by the Enscape devs with some better plantings :) I own a d5 seat and the landscaping and landscape tools in that program are amazing...but the ease of use and render times keep pulling me back to Enscape!

    One thing I don't really understand though is I played around with the most recent vray and they have some Globe plants baked right into Vray Cosmos that popped right in no problem. Even on my rtx2070 max q, it was a breeze to handle. I havent tested bringing a Globe Plant proxy in, but now Im curious.

    Indoor fireplaces are one thing. But I'm struggling to create a desirable fire texture in open space. Mostly in fire pit. Being in the landscape industry, this and fire bowls are in almost every render I do, but I have not been able to create something I'm happy with. Especially in bird's eye views.

    Right now, I bring in a cutout texture, set it to self illuminating, and play with the setting a bit. At certain angle you can still see the "ghost" of the cutout and overall just doesn't look convincing. And then it really is at a loss the moment you raise the angle of the camera.

    I'm attaching some quick renderings of a back patio below. Any suggestions on a better solution? TIA

    I wonder if this is why the newest set that was just released (Canada plants) doesn't even offer an Enscape option in the formats as the other bundles in the past have?

    Quite possibly. I've had some luck with using the .skp models with Enscapes workaround. They take a second to load, but once in there I can skatter/move copy pretty freely without lag. My main issue with this is the plant files MUST be located on your C drive. Not so much an issue for my PC but my laptop is limited on space in comparison... At this point, kinda hope we just get better plants with Enscape natively :)

    I downloaded Enscape onto a new machine and it is not showing up in SketchUp after installation. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Reinstalling and rebooting. Removing, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting, and checking...Nothing seems to work. I have reached out to the support email, but have not received a reply. This is really holding me up on projects and clients are losing patience! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Every time I attempt to open the Enscape Asset Library, Sketchup stops responding and I ultimately have to close the model. Everything else works aside from the asset library. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, do you have a fix?