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    I face the same problem, I miss other options such as Asians, Indians, Blacks and Muslims, for example.

    I often try to find blocks in the Sketchup library and sometimes I even try to edit some features, but the quality is not the same comparing to Enscape blocks.

    I feel sad making images for Asia or Middle East with only white people.
    You guys did an amazing job with the software, it is easy and great, but I feel it is time to make it more inclusive too.

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to add a video texture on a glass surface (like a transparent LED TV).

    Imagine that I modelled an object on sketchup and I rendered a video showing this object and now I want to apply this video texture on a glass panel, but I don`t want to see a white or black background from enscape, I want to see just the object itself moving (because it is a video) on the glass surface. is it possible?

    Thank you

    I had the same problem yesterday, and I noticed that if I render with the "synchronized view" bottom on, the render is blank white, but when I turn it off before rendering, it works.

    Looks weird, but I have tried different files and all of them are working with the synchronized view bottom off.

    I hope it helps you guys too.