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    I sympathise - it was very awkward doing presentations last year. I have my small office set up for clients to come in and walk them through the building but Enscape became unusable without the Spacemouse for this and I reverted to Lumion but it's not its strength.

    Strange that what you describe is not what I am seeing with the same software versions.

    I can't say I've noticed an automatic variable speed.

    I do find that setting the Rendering quality slider to medium helps being able to see inside the building and reduces twitchiness of the controller. Ultra makes things very dark and twitchy I notice when just trying it out.

    I've got a pair of RTX 2080Ti cards in my PC if that makes any difference.

    By the way, I cannot use the Spacemouse in Revit 2023 - it used to work but is very unstable now.

    One thing I did try which worked was the 'Calibrate' button while in Revit which did improve stability but not enough to make it usable.

    If you haven't already it might be worth trying Calibrate while in Enscape?

    Best of luck with it.

    My impression, which may be false, is that the programmers have had to rewrite the drivers completely and it has proved difficult for some reason to regain the same functionality that previously existed.

    Even if not true I find thinking this makes it easier to accept the rubbish performance we've had to put up with for most of a year.

    I had - quite literally - thrown my Spacemouse in the bin, but retrieved it for one last go with the latest 3DConnexion drivers and Enscape version. Somehow this worked with the horizon locked, in Camera Mode.

    Weirdly I used to have to reverse all the speed settings but now I don't.

    In Enscape movement of the Spacemouse was still over-sensitive but turning down the Speed slider quietened down the twitchy movement and suddenly it became usable. I daren't alter anything but for now I can use it - this is Revit 2023 into Enscape 3.4 with the 10.8.8 Spacemouse driver.

    Best of luck with it.

    Apart from WalkMode not working the latest Enscape version 3.4 and the latest Spacemouse driver 10.8.8 work reasonably well now with a little bit of tweaking to reduce sensitivity.

    I've not noticed any changes for a month now - what are you seeing that is different?

    For anyone else like me, who can't see the obvious...:rolleyes: :)

    If your Spacemouse in Enscape - or Revit - even after the latest driver updates, makes movement very 'twitchy' and is over-sensitive, just pull back the 'Speed' slider on the first page of the 3D Connexions settings menu.

    It seems to me that movement in some axes is more sensitive than others :/

    Thanks RandalRDesign,

    3DConnexions' Windows 10 driver- 64 bit version and Enscape version 3.3.1 + 75071 (the latest release versions as far as I know) do now seem to work OK with Revit 2023 hotfix 1.

    With Enscape linked to Revit 2023 the trick does seem to be to enable 'Lock Horizon' in the 3DConnexions' Enscape menu. My preference is to also reverse the direction of all the joystick directions in the same menu.

    If your Revit model appears in Enscape not horizontal I find tapping the 'F' key or other hotkey on the Spacemouse will place it level.

    Walk Mode in Enscape still does not work - it can be enabled in the menu bar but it immediately flips back to Fly Mode.

    FWIW in Revit 2023 the Spacemouse is too sensitive by default but this can be cured by selecting an object to pivot round in Revit first and then the Spacemouse uses the same pivot. There are no pivot point choices in the Revit menu for the Spacemouse (it recognises the current application).

    A big relief to have the Spacemouse usable again. I do wish software developers would stop using customers as beta-testers though :/ :)

    I agree Tim that it's likely mostly a 3D Connexions developer change which has impacted on Enscape. Developers can be and are, everywhere in the World so hard to know how 3D Connexions work.

    You do get the impression that someone - or some people - at 3D Connexions are trying to recreate something that worked in the old setup but doesn't work as well now.

    I always wondered why Lumion wouldn't have anything to do with 3D Connexions devices.

    I use Revit - version 2022 mostly but I also have 2023. The Spacemouse goes crazy in Revit 2023 at present but OK in 2022 as long as Enscape is not running.

    With the latest Enscape and latest 3D connexion drivers, in Revit 2022, using the Spacemouse kind of works if you use a shortcut key on the spacemouse - 'F' for example - which aligns the model to the horizontal. Then turn off the left/right roll key option. Moving around the model it starts to drift off horizontal and whichever camera mode is in use, movement is 'jittery'.

    That it is better than a few months ago suggests this is a work in progress. Hopefully 3D Connexions and Enscape are still working on it but it's probably affecting a relatively small number of users.

    Being an eternal optimist I will have another try at using the Spacemouse with the latest versions over the weekend :)

    Nice to see the 3.3 release which works with Revit 2023 - and 3.3.1 already :)

    3D Connexions driver version 10.8.7 and the Spacemouse shows 'Enscape 3D', so far so good.

    There is no real improvement in use. The Spacemouse is 'nervous' and jittery. It used to be a very smooth, enjoyable experience travelling around the Enscape model with the joystick but it is unusable in a professional context.

    FWIW I notice that the Spacemouse goes really wild and uncontrollable in Revit 2023.

    The Spacemouse stays in the bin for now I think which is a shame as it was the main reason I used Enscape for client presentations. I'll stick with Lumion if I'm going to have to use keyboard keys and a mouse to move around the model in presentations.

    I've spent a while playing about with the Menu options in the latest 3d Connexions driver and Enscape 3.3

    The best workaround I have come up with - for me - so far is:

    Navigation Mode = Target Camera mode

    Speed (I have all these Reversed) = disable Left/Right Roll

    Unfortunately, disabling the Left/Right Roll for the joystick is no guarantee that the horizon will stay level ('Lock horizon' in the menu options doesn't seem to work?)

    When it starts to drift away from vertical I use the 'F' or 'R' button on the Spacemouse to get the building back level again - it forces a Front or Right View.

    All this is OK for outside but inside a building the camera is very jittery. I've tried the other Navigation Modes but one doesn't seem better than another.

    At least this has forced me to learn what the buttons on the Spacemouse can do.

    It's still rubbish compared to how it used to be so the best solution might be what I've just done - throw the Spacemouse in the bin ! :)

    So here we are 6th April 2022. I've installed Enscape 3.3 and the latest 3D Connexion drivers 10.8.6.

    There is no mention in the release notes about fixing the problems detailed above but I thought I would give it a try.

    In short, it isn't as bad. It works, a little jittery and unfortunately there is no way I could see of keeping the view level - other than making sure your view is level and then disabling that rotation feature from the 3dConnexions Menu.

    It's rare for products to become worse with newer versions but I'm going back to 3.1 as this combination is still too unstable to use for client presentations.