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    Ah, you are in Sketchup, my issue is in Revit 2022.

    I tried Enscape in the latest version of Sketchup and it seemed to have the same problems as Revit which I guess is not unexpected given that it seems to be something to do with the 3DConnexions developer toolkit?

    I'm resigned to waiting with 3.1 - fortunately I use Lumion for rendering - and that doesn't even support a Spacemouse LOL

    Another client presentation this morning so I uninstalled Enscape 3.2 and reinstalled 3.1 but the 3dConnexions spacemouse driver seems to have been corrupted by using it with 3.2 as it would not work properly with 3.1 until I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it.

    Thankfully, got it working just in time for the presentation.

    It isn't clear whether it's the Spacemouse driver or Enscape 3.2 that is the problem but something between them doesn't seem to be working quite right.

    Thanks for the tips. A nasty shock when first starting with the Spacemouse controls all over the place. Very fortunate that I tried it out before a client presentation first thing in the morning :)

    Default lighting is so much better now and that also helps for client presentations.

    Very nice, thank you8)

    Many thanks for posting the preview for Revit 2022 as promised:thumbup:

    Works fine for me in Revit 2022 although I mainly use Enscape for realtime wandering around inside the building model with a Spacemouse (which Lumion does not support ?()