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    Hi, I export my project but when I open the browser, chrome, to visualize it, I see all black except for the sun glare and few part of a chair...what's happen? the 3d is simple...

    Demian Gutberlet

    Hi Demian, first of all I have to congratulate you for your work. Besides being an instructor, I am also an architect and enscape has greatly simplified my presentations. Enscape is fabulous on sketchup. The things I didn't like about the new version are these: the icons are very dark, almost black, and hard to understand (this is obviously a small flaw). The positioning and management of the "capturing" bar in the enscape window for me that use a double screen, is not an improvement ... when I present my projects to clients in real time using a 40 inch TV, the old version allowed me to have everything on my main monitor and only the render on the tv, which was much more comfortable for me.
    About the video editor, I find the management of the frames less clear and the fact that you have to look both at the bottom to add while on the left to manage them ... everything seems less intuitive even as icons ... several times I trie to click where you couldn't. Then, but I could be wrong, creating the first frame and the last and then adding, I could not manage the timing of the scenes well ... It changed the final duration or not change it at all. In short, it seemed less user friendly. Of course there are major improvements, such as the ability to always see the safe frame and the link to presets which now works.
    As an architect I will stay in version 2.9, as an instructor I will have to adapt to version 3 but I hope these reports will be useful for the future. Sorry for my bad english, goodbye

    HI, I am a vray, 3ds, photoshop and sketchup certified instructor...I have discovered enscape in these months...and I love it. Better explain, I love it till the 2.9 version. The 3.0 change a lot of thinghs that first work track editor in primis...Whats happen?! I am the only one who think this?!