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    sorry, my post was too fast:

    we have the problem, that when one reconnects to a disconnected RDsession, the screen might remain black!

    the setting seems to have unwanted side effects. sorry, this seems not to be a solution, try out with caution



    as many in these days we also work in home office, but run Revit on our office PC. So we connect via Remote Desktop Connetion. And until recently usually Revit crashed when opening enscape over RDC. We used a TeamViewer connection to open Enscape. As soon as Enscape was running, one could close TeamViewer and go back to RDC, Enscape continiues working. But, after Windows 10 Upgrade to 20H2 this also did not work anymore

    today we found, the nvidia tweek does work, many thanks! but than, my IT Colleague found an even easier way we want to share with you:

    > Aktivate Hardware Graphics for all Remote Desktop Connections with a GPO <

    create or use an existing GPO for the Workstations in your domain, navigate to /Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Session Environment and enable "Use hardware graphic adapters for all Remote Desktop Servies sessions"

    allow the GPO to deploy, reboot the PC, thats all! now we can open ENSCAPE via RDC on all remote Workstations !

    have fun, konrad