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    Hi Demian, I've submitted a report with the Feedback button. In the meantime I've reverted to Enscape 3.1 which works flawlessly on my two computers, an iMac and a MacBook Pro. On both these computers, launching Enscape 3.2 and 3.3 preview causes a hard crash of Revit 2020.2.6 while Enscape loads.


    I've just tried installing Enscape 3.2 (main release, not a preview) on Revit 2020.2.6, running on Windows 10 on Boot Camp on an iMac (late 2015, 4 GHz, 16 GB ram, AMD Radeon R9 M395). It started once, but when I switched the phase of an Enscape view (from New Construction to Existing) it caused a hard crash of Revit. The application just disappeared without even the window asking to report to AutoDesk what happened. Now it does the same when I start Enscape with this view set to Existing. The file is not particularly complex, just a small house with five Enscape trees.

    I will probably revert to the previous version which worked fine.

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    I have just found a way to copy a camera (perspective) 3d view from one Revit file to another using Enscape.

    1. Open the Revit file with the desired camera view. Launch Enscape with that camera view.

    2. Create an Enscape video path with that view as the first keyframe. Create a second keyframe (any will do).

    3. Save the video path. If you want, open the video path in TextEdit to check the coordinates of your camera.

    4. Close this Revit file. Open the one where you want to import the view.

    5. Launch Enscape. Load the video path file.

    6. While viewing the first keyframe, save the camera view from Enscape to Revit.

    Update: ToanDN on the AutoDesk forum has posted a simpler solution:

    1. Open both projects

    2. Open a 3d camera view and a plan of project A

    3. Select the viewport of the 3d view, switch to the plan view and you see the camera is visible and selected, CTRL+C

    4. Switch to project B, open a plan view, paste aligned to current view


    Solved: Re: Copying Views from one Project to Another - Autodesk Community - Revit Products


    I encountered a bug in Enscape for Revit a few days ago. I was using Enscape 2.9 and Revit 2018.3. In a project which always loads well into Enscape, I created a new Revit material and gave it new maps, including two greyscale Tiff maps: a bump and a glossiness (specular). I applied it to a few objects. When I started Enscape, it caused a hard crash: no mouse movement, I had to press the power button for a few seconds. After restarting the computer, Revit and Enscape, the exact same problem happened.

    I opened my Tiff maps in Photoshop and realised that one of them (the glossiness if I remember well) had an alpha channel. Effectively it had two channels: greyscale and an alpha. I deleted the alpha, saved and restarted Enscape, and now it worked fine.

    I guess this is low-priority, but could you look into it? It may be computer-specific. I'm using a MacBook Pro 16" with the Radeon Pro 5600M card, and the latest Boot Camp, Windows and drivers.

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    I'm having this problem with Enscape 2.9 and the Enscape Preview 3.0.0 (Preview 3 + 35113), using Revit 2018.3. The water in this bath (see attached) used to show waves, now it's a flat mirror. I've checked the material assignement, tried changing the water type, increasing the wave height... It reacts to a change of colour, but never shows waves.

    Could you help?

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