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    Meant to combine comments, but not sure if I'm doing it right.


    As I primarily use Rhino, I had no choice but move to D5 mainly. There are certainly upsides of Enscape, especially with assets that can be placed in the modeling software, but D5 has more higher quality assets (some of which can be animated).

    Some of Paul's comments are still valid, but I've found D5 texture quality/manipulation is much better once you get used to it as it has many functions not available in Enscape, such as transparent video material, actually usable 3d grass, vertically flowing water, decals that can wrap around 3d objects, etc.

    Regarding proxies, I prefer D5 as multiple D5 files can be merged from different software. For example, a coworker can build architecture in Revit, and you can build interior/landscape in another modeling software. Both can be worked on D5 separately, and those two files can be merged/updated.

    No renderer is perfect, but for now I prefer D5 (also need to use it because of Rhino). I took time to write this post not to bash Enscape but to encourage the competition. If Enscape gets better, it will push D5 to get better, vice versa. All good for us, users. But I feel that Enscape has been quite lacking on development considerably, compared to D5 (price consideration is also big).

    This is one of my early examples with D5, modeled in Rhino. Water doesn't look good here, but D5 now has much better water texture already. I might update it when I get a chance. Surely there are a lot of things I didn't get right as this is one of the very first tries with D5 to see what could be done, but it certainly became a much better option although I wouldn't be able to share more recent projects as those are still active.

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    This issue has been going on for a while, but never fixed or acknowledged.

    Please see my reply in the other thread of yours - At least currently I'm afraid there is no way to add custom Assets, but this is also a functionality which will be added of course, as the goal is to still reach feature parity as quickly as possible.

    Why is it being sold as a finished product when it's still very much a beta version?

    Enscape is about $1.50/day for a fixed seat license.

    • Do you save $1.50/day using the present version of Enscape?
    • If there wasn't a PC version would you buy the Mac version and happily wait for additional features?
    • Since the PC version has more features how much should the Mac version cost? $1/day? Less? More? Free?
    • Should Enscape pay the Mac users for lack of feature parity to use Enscape?
    • Should Chaos remove Enscape for Mac from the market until there's feature parity?
    • If the missing features in the Mac version are mission critical to your business why haven't you invested in a PC to meet your business needs?

    The Enscape team is working hard. Developing software is complicated. In software development not everything can happen at once and you have to choose to do some things first before you can do other things - or very quickly you'll be able to do no things.

    Please have the courage and propose a specific, actionable and arguably better business solution compared to present scenario.

    The problem is, Mac version is still very much a beta version.

    If nothing else, such as Fallout, I really wish at least intensity works.

    It's either too bright or too dim. The intensity slider means nothing for Enscape.

    The red overlay also makes it impossible to see what the material modifications look like. You need to apply every time you make a change, evaluate, reselect the asset, click on 'edit asset' again and make another modification. Ugh.

    I also thought it was a temporary bug and closed and reopened Enscape. Curious why any one thought it was a good idea to completely cover what material is being applied?

    Frankly, I mostly gave up trying to use Enscape for Rhino, but going back to Lumion although I still use Enscape for Sketchup (D5 looks very promising as well)

    The lighting, texture, decal, round edge, modifiers, none of Rhino's features is supported by Enscape. It's been years of complaining, but it's apparent that Rhino is on the low priority (perhaps it's business decision as SKP is the bigger market than Rhino). Hopefully Enscape can prove I'm wrong but losing hope here.

    I also noticed with Rhino with large file size quite often. The only way to fix it is to turn off and on Enscape. The same issue doesn't happen with SKP even when the file is large (with large file size SKP, Enscape just crashes SKP - I guess it's different symptom to the same cause).