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    A great idea. I always try to make texture size down well below 1mb because SKP file size will be unmanageable very quickly otherwise.

    An option for Camera setting to be saved per each scene is needed.

    When you create a lot of scenes, it's inevitable to change field of view / depth of field / focal point. All these are tied to a preset. You have to create so many presets and link a scene to a new preset only for the camera length.

    I have just submitted the feedback with log file. Automation Update Nvidia driver - Enscape Renderer Error / 01134458 / [ ref:_00D0Y1IeF9._5001n1tkpZo:ref ]

    The issue couldn't be replicated with a new simple file when I tried.

    When the shutdown happens, it doesn't help even if the computer is rebooted. I had thought clearing up memory would help, but no.

    I remember this working fine before, but now if a HDR skybox file is linked from the network server, instead of the local computer, Enscape won't open. It loads to 99%, then it crashes.

    The problem is, you cannot update Visual Setting to change HDR file path to the local computer unless Enscape opens.

    Hey thank you for the input! Yes, that is the result that I’m aiming at, perhaps a bit more gloomy/moody. Your comment makes me think that my problem is in the trees themselves perhaps? The “glowy” ones in my scene are Maple trees. Maybe there’s something wrong with them? I will check tomorrow again.

    Your scene looks very beautiful. Did you use HDRI in your render or is it the default clouds/sky? Also I may be wrong, but it seems your day time is either early morning or evening, correct?

    I usually use HDRI, but this one is just default sky with shadow sharpness 0% and low sun brightness (definitely lower than 10%).

    Probably the time was somewhere it doesn't cast direct sunlight into the scene.

    There are some spot lights used in the scene, but it was to emulate reflectors in photography rather than actual light source.

    This is why I wish Enscape to offer a way to hide Enscape light in reflection, like you can with Vray.

    Don't remember which tree I used, but it's surely worth checking if it's the tree itself is the culprit.

    I designed city landscaping some time ago, and I didn't think trees were glowing. This was done without HDRI background. This is perhaps similar lighting you are describing without direct sunlight? I always have sun brightness quite low well under single digit. I didn't use many artificial lighting for this one, but you may want to try placing fake soft lightings here and there with low intensity instead of relying on one global illumination source.

    Paul Russam I 100% agree that Enscapes rendering process is significantly better than that of other rendering engines. But I can argue that at a certain point the lack of features offered by Enscape vs those offered in alternative stand-alone programs I.E. Twinmotion, D5, Lumion, makes the awkward interface worth more from a pure output standpoint. Add in their cost, free(except for Lumion), and it's obvious why some people would jump ship.

    If I'm doing a beachfront residential project with lots of vertical water and fire features, it's a no-brainer to go with another program to complete the project because Enscape work-arounds look subpar. Implementing those features isn't an overnight possibility but the fact that they have been on the wishlist since pre 2018 and haven't even been touched. In the meantime D5 is adding volumetric lighting and seasons plus already has those water and fire features when it was released two years ago is a slap in the face to Enscape. It makes you wonder what is holding Enscape back.

    Completely agree. I don't understand why some people want to defend Enscape so much and tell others to use something else. It's a good render engine, and that's why people buy the licenses. But why trying to suppress opinions to make it much better? Especially after years of complaining about the botched video editor, visual setting save change, not supporting Rhino's basic functions (edge softening, UV mapping, different material on each surface, lighting, mesh modifier, etc,).

    That's correct (as long as all these points are deemed feasible). The plan is to add this functionality with 3.4, but it could be made available in a preview beforehand as well.

    Demian Gutberlet

    Batch Render still adds Enscape name and time. This is a very unprofessional way to approach batch render as explained many times in this thread.

    We are now re-rendering tens of different views one by one in order to keep the same file name every time there's design change, which is every day.

    Please stop this madness, please.

    Thank you Pieter for raising this once again. We at UX are very aware that some of you are absolutely not happy with the current implementation. As Demian said, we have gathered and will gather more feedback in this regard. Please be sure that we have it on our radar. The issues are filed on our end. We will have a look on it, but we can't make any promises when this will be.

    Still not fixed with the new version. Could you please share some updates this mess is going to be fixed soon?

    Me too.

    Any Mac licensing info?

    Based on reply above from Demian Gutberlet

    "An official full Mac version of Enscape will be offered for purchase in the near future"

    As much as I wish I could use the existing license for Mac version, it seems like Enscape will be selling a separate Mac license to the existing Windows users. You will most likely have to purchase another license to use Enscape on Mac.

    I wonder if Enscape at least will offer an option to switch an existing Windows license to a Mac license.

    We often use illuminated graphics. A bunch of images have to be switched to illumination type one by one, and it gets very tiring. Hope it's possible to select multiple textures and change the type or other material adjustments at once.