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    Thank you Pieter for raising this once again. We at UX are very aware that some of you are absolutely not happy with the current implementation. As Demian said, we have gathered and will gather more feedback in this regard. Please be sure that we have it on our radar. The issues are filed on our end. We will have a look on it, but we can't make any promises when this will be.

    Still not fixed with the new version. Could you please share some updates this mess is going to be fixed soon?

    Me too.

    Any Mac licensing info?

    Based on reply above from Demian Gutberlet

    "An official full Mac version of Enscape will be offered for purchase in the near future"

    As much as I wish I could use the existing license for Mac version, it seems like Enscape will be selling a separate Mac license to the existing Windows users. You will most likely have to purchase another license to use Enscape on Mac.

    I wonder if Enscape at least will offer an option to switch an existing Windows license to a Mac license.

    We often use illuminated graphics. A bunch of images have to be switched to illumination type one by one, and it gets very tiring. Hope it's possible to select multiple textures and change the type or other material adjustments at once.

    I also meant to complain about this. I couldn't understand why the views don't match after accidently changing FOV (when is this automatic setting change save nonsense is going to stop). It took me some frustrating time to realize I shouldn't be sliding the bar with the mouse as it's impossible to match it later because of the hidden increments. Now I always type number with keypads. It is sometimes inconvenient, but at least I know I can go back the exact setting by typing the same value #.

    I’m sorry, but I disagree that not being able to pan vertically manually (ie without tilting the device) is the correct functionality, you obviously believe otherwise.

    Having done over 40 pano tours we’ve found that users initially are wow’s by the gyro but soon bore of it or even find it damn awkward if they are sitting down or more importantly trying to show something to someone else.

    Exactly. Tilting ipad /iphone up and down just to look down / up is a gimmick that only lasts a few minutes. All clients/designers including myself use a finger to look up/down on iOS, using Seekbeak, soon after.

    I've presented Enscape pano, but the reaction was negative because they can't use a finger to look up/down. Tilting a iPad over and over gets really tiring. This is certainly limitation/bug on Enscape pano, which doesn't exist on Seekbeak.

    Cheers. Have a great day!

    The point is you have full functionality. Whether you like how that functionality is applied is a seperate and personal problem/ preference. In this case then, its not a bug. It's a feature (or a feature request). Personally, I have zero problems with how 360's work on IOS in this regard.

    It seems that you haven't used other sites that allow actual full functionality where a user can use a finger to look down or up on iOS, not just using accelerometer. Not sure why you are defending Enscape's limitation, but it's limitation.

    That's right. You can only use your finger to swipe left or right. if in landscape then swiping up or down will move it left or right. This is essentially the manual method or alternate method of moving left or right.

    360' panos are meant to be used with the accelerometer of the phone meaning you need to tilt the phone up or down to see above or below (or tilt left or right to see left or right). To do that follow the instructions of the last post.

    It seems you haven't read the first post very carefully.