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    I have gladly forwarded your upvotes!

    L.S , at the moment this feature is rather low on our agenda - it certainly doesn't mean that its not likely that we'll add standalone support for iOS devices in the future, but for now it's not a priority feature, that is what I can say at the moment. :)

    Furthermore, we did have a board where people were able to vote for features, but we have removed this for now since it was often misleading regarding what would then actually be implemented and what not. I'll still note it down once more for further consideration.

    Thank you. Appreciate your straightforward answer.

    Yes, the priority list should always be listed as actual Enscape team's list. The voting count should be noted on the side so that both users and Enscape team can see if there's a big discrepancy on certain items.

    Enscape Team,

    In your honest opinion, how low is Enscape for iOS in the agenda? Surely with limited resources, there are priorities. A bit surprised iOS version is not even close to being seriously considered, but you probably have reasons. Perhaps actual user base isn't significant enough?

    Could you please share your honest perspective on this one? (if Enscape iOS happens, surely it will be much easier with Enscape for Mac especially with M1 chips) so that we can hope and wait, or look for alternatives.

    Also, it will be great if you could post a full list of priorities where people can vote on. There's a page you list a few items for the next version, but it usually only has a couple of items. It doesn't help understand what the full priorities are.

    I'm sorry to hear about the confusion this has caused, please check out how you can now access the settings menu in 3.0:…/settings-presets/#access

    Demian Gutberlet,

    Before 3.0, I was able to adjust visual setting, then save whatever I have adjusted. With 3.0, I have to first click "Create Preset" then adjust settings? Otherwise, everything I adjusted just goes away when I click "create preset"?

    Also, there's still no way to select multiple keyframes? to delete or move more than one frame? or am I missing something hidden in the new UI? I can see the diamond keyframe in the bar, but I couldn't figure out how to select multiple keyframes to delete or move.

    I often leave the last frame stay longer without moving the camera. This is nice, especially with the wind setting for trees. Before 3.0, I was able to add a key frame at the same camera location and make the frame longer. However, it's not working in 3.0. I added a keyframe at the same spot as the 2nd keyframe. Made the duration longer to 20 sec, but the last frame is still at 6 sec. I also tried doing a similar thing but with the camera location slightly moved from the 2nd keyframe. That didn't work, either. Even if the 2nd keyframe is "time stamped," it still doesn't make the last frame longer.

    Enscape team,

    Please. Live sync doesn't matter when it doesn't correctly show textures and objects. It's not missing out on a few other features. It's missing very important features of Rhino. I completely agree with v-cube. Please let us have these important modeling/rendering features. Even if it doesn't show up in realtime view, it's better to have it in the final render and video.

    I was really shocked to read that Rhino users could use all these essential features with Enscape, but Enscape decided not to support that.

    44-6e4e7cb5d03c88124c76ad209a4d6e03849dbcea.png Quote from Simon Weinberger In our opinion it's better to have a synchronous rendering, even if this means to miss out on a few other features.

    I have to say I completely disagree ! Total live sync is nice, but if it stops us from having essential features, than it should be optional.

    Let the user decide if he wants livesync or advanced features and manual updating !

    That would be nice. I had to use PNG for water at a fountain before. It worked fine as it was in the background, but it would be hard to render water falling down if a fountain is the main feature where using PNG wouldn't be very convincing, especially a video is to be made.

    I make quite a lot of Enscape video renders, and it's painful that Enscape doesn't offer batch video render. It really needs to be able to load multiple video paths and batch render so that I can please go to bed with Enscape batch video rendering.