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    I think you need to check with your skybox settings, I had color issues too but then I downloaded Enscape skyboxes and choose the one that closely matches your setting. Hopefully this will resolve your color issues.

    This effect is caused through the auto exposure. The auto exposure works like it does in your eye or digital cameras: It detects the brightest spots in the image and adjusts accordingly so that they are properly exposed. If you would only take the average, nothing would look correct in an image with high contrasts.

    In your case, the exposure dims down the exposure time because it do not wants the bright sky and outside if the building to be overexposed.

    But I agree: It requires a bit of tuning on our side, I'll see what we can do to make it look right.

    Hi, Do you have a video explaining the relation between Artificial Lights/ Sunlight and Auto exposure? Or a Video about Lighting in general would be helpful. Can you share the link for the video if there is one already? Thank you.

    At Enscape, there is no way to define lights that go on or off at a certain point of time. Either it's an illusion because the sunlight is very bright and makes the artificial lights invisible, or it is a bug. We'd be happy to get a Revit project from one of you where this issue happens because we haven't seen such thing before. Please just send it to support at Thank you!

    Actually I noticed there is a way to define and I don't know if it's right or wrong. I usually set the time/date of the view thru revit, If the time is set at sometime during the dusk/dawn the overall rendition changes to warmer tone and the lights are on. Maybe Enscape team can clarify. Also I have trouble rendering metals, did anyone else have this problem, the colors are off and metal textures are pixelated.

    72dpi is the max ?? or is there a feature to adjust the dpi too? We print these renders sometimes at 24x36 for community and public viewings. I am sure 72 will not suffice.


    After struggling to make the lights work, I followed Enscape tip and separated the light from fixture and shadows were gone. The light fixture domes are self illuminated though . I think IES embedded lights are the best way to go. Also notice the circled items, the render of the metal (sconce and pendant) is not good enough, what needs to be done? This is the highest quality render. The colors on the final output does not match with the raytracing 'per se'. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

    Working years with REVIT taught us (or me) a lot of patience and how to tweak stuff so they work (no pun, just fact).. that said.. I finally managed to make the artificial lights work during the night shot, by increasing the light lumens to 10,000+, and ended up with shadows being cast from the ceiling mounted fixtures. Normally these fixtures are a bit transparent and create this ambient diffusion around them and fill the room. See attached for renders Enscape vs Revit raytracing. Note that there is only ceiling fixture in raytrace render but everything else is same. There are invisible lights in both renders,, (no fixture body just light family for extra lighting)

    Be sure to have the sun brightness set to 100% to allow for a correct relation between sun light and your artificial light sources. Enscape does not toggle your artificial lights on or off but they might become invisible due to a much brighter sunlight.

    For emissive surfaces: Right now, they only create a glow and illuminate a short area around them. The surfaces affected by emitted light will be increased, it's already implemented at the current Enscape for Revit Preview version.

    Hi, we just purchased a floating license after a web session I had this morning. Soon after I began testing some interior setup with artificial lights on, I intend to use both sun and artificial at the same time (say late afternoon shot), but I cannot the see the artificial lights unless I choose a time after sunset? I tried setting it at 100%, didn't work either. Is there a standard way we need to create light fixtures that work with Enscape rendering? I realize that only point lights work with Enscape but some built-in REVIT lights are not linked to any IES files.. are they required to?