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    Thanks for the reply!

    There is already some company who is doing this, over the web. (Just not at all sure what they are using to do it. I think they created their own system.) It is all just 360 panoramas. Only in one instance though. So you could point to somewhere and "jump" to it. Would be amazing if or when Enscape could implement something similar. And I did not mean having a standalone exe or apk on a phone, I meant in keeping with the link method. Just somehow multiple links (think points where you rendered the 360 from) in one. Not sure how to do something like this. Maybe for starters have a little menu where you could teleport between links, and the creator/ artist, obviously name the links like "kitchen", "lounge" etc. My idea is just to go beyond such a menu and just point at other points in real time. Even if it has to load a little.

    But anyway, thanks again for the reply!


    I believe I have asked about this before I think months ago, but Is it possible, or planned, to implement a means of movement in the mobile "VR" part? Right now the only option is to create points, which you then send to clients. Normally I do normal virtual reality for clients, but since this epidemic and lock down, things have become increasingly more dependent on distance communication and offering the same kind of service over the internet.

    Renders and videos works fine in this situation, but whenever using panorama 360, the question always comes up, are we able to move around somehow? Would it not be possible to create different points in viewing distance of each other throughout a house, and be able to point towards it with a point and be able to jump to that location? So each point works exactly like how it does now, but just being able to create multiple points and being able to jump between them?

    Thanks for any feedback!

    Well now, my SteamVR Resolution was set (Recommended) to 150%. I put it down to 100%, and suddenly Ultra settings worked fine in VR. Such a simple thing. But will see how it goes. Thanks for that!


    First of all I would have posted this in a general discussion group, if that existed. So I suppose it fits best here?

    I decided to ask the community what specs and hardware you use on what settings for VR using Enscape. This has less to do with Esncape itself, and more to do with how things run with what hardware and settings. As I am looking at upgrading this or that, and looking at better resolution HMD's, something like this would help understand better on where to spend money on. This includes anything from system specs to monitor resolutions to HMD, and only what is in use (that might matter) while using VR. So I will start:

    My specs:

    OS: Win 10

    CPU: i7 7800X 3.50GHz

    RAM: 64GB DDR4

    GPU: GTX 1080 Ti

    Monitors: 4K monitor running at 3840x2160 resolution for operating.

    Monitors: HD TV running at 1920x1080 resolution for display/ presentation purposes.

    HMD: Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality running at 1440x1600 (per lens), for a total of 2880x1600.

    Enscape: Medium Settings. All other settings pretty much on default. (High and Ultra only works perfect outside VR, in VR it starts getting choppy, and sometimes just completely uncomfortable)

    This is solely to compare specs with each other, as I would like to spend wisely, and maybe/ hopefully get some hints from others. As I am always looking at better HMD's, but am realizing my GPU would/ might not be up to it. If this post does not fit here, or anywhere on this forum, admins may delete this, as I am not even sure where to post this or if it fits anywhere.

    Thank you

    Yes, I also want something like this please! I made a post under the request category, although maybe I should have made it here.

    Enscape assets

    The loading times for the asset preview pictures or whatever we call them in the library is very slow. Even though the internet connection is good. I would love an option where we could simply have maybe a download all to local button or something in the library. (Even if this is maybe just a download all thumbnail/ preview pictures feature, as long as the pictures in the library could just show immediately, I do not mind downloading an asset every time, as that is fast.) Then next time you launch it it could maybe immediately show? This problem will only become worse as more assets are added, in my opinion.

    And I really like the assets library, and would only like more assets, it is becoming more and more the go to place for me when I create a simple presentation that has no need for custom made assets just yet.

    Interesting. I am using a 4K monitor. And normally for VR extend to a HD TV also. I was wondering if this could impact also. I have asked specifically about this about a year and a half ago and got no definite answer to this so I thought well I guess it's not such a big deal. And as for the computer doing multiple things at the same time, I only run the Mixed Reality application (need it for my HMD) along with Steam VR controller app with Enscape stand alone exe when doing VR. For reference my specs are:

    i7 7800X 3.5GHZ

    64GB DDR 4

    GTX 1080 Ti

    So that's why I only ever mention my GPU, as I don't think my other specs are bottle necking or anything. I will try running VR mirrored on HD (TV, disabling the 4K monitor then) only and give feedback.

    Thanks for that, it is something else I was wondering about but has since written off.

    Edit: I just now tried (I work on two 4K monitors, this does not apply when using VR though, as then I use one 4K monitor with HD TV set to extend like mentioned above). So what I tried now was unplugging the one monitor, and setting the other one to 1080 resolution. Launched a project in VR on Ultra, and it seemed to work almost perfect (Just some controller visual lag going on, not too big a deal, but the head motion was almost perfect).

    But then I decided well let's go back to 4K and use both 4K monitors, and launch the project again, just to compare. And sadly I got the same result, everything looked ok. (Not sure why as normally it's far from ok, and I was hoping there would be a difference). But I'll try with the HD TV at some point, and see what happens, although I don't suspect there would be a difference between that and the test I just performed.

    Thanks for the info though!

    This definitely depends on a lot of things, including what does your project look like (e.g. lot's of light sources are expensive to render), what HMD you're using (their image resolution varies significantly). For less complex projects a GTX1080ti should be absolutely sufficient to run Enscape in VR on medium settings, for others in won't. The RTX2080 will give you much better performance in any case, but since you're absolutely free to build a scene of huge complexity there might be scenarios where you won't achieve fluent performance even with RTX2080, yes. The difference to games is, that they can optimize specifically for their levels and have a lot more restrictions in contrast to Enscape.

    Yes the RTX2080 will be significantly better. It will however most likely also not provide smooth performance on larger projects on quality Ultra. This quality level should mostly be considered for still renderings and not VR unless you don't care about performance or do have super fast machine and performance optimized project.

    Thanks for the reply,

    To give you an idea of the complexity of an example from one of my projects, the export Enscape.exe file size was 143MB. It was a smaller house. While high settings do work kind of OK, medium settings worked best in VR. (So far medium settings has worked on every project of any caliber for me so that's fine too). And yes, I also realise something like a game would be much better optimized compared to something open like Enscape.

    I think I am satisfied, thank you for your feedback!

    VR is much more demanding than regular on screen rendering, since Enscape has to do most of the computations twice, once for each eye. Also perceived stuttering is much higher when inside a HMD, than when looking at a screen. In VR you usually want to have 60-90FPS, on screen for a use case like Enscape usually 25-30fps is sufficient.

    So what you are saying is a 1080 Ti is not good enough? If that is the case then I am happy with that answer. Just thought since I can run other VR programs/ games perfectly, with obviously more intense graphics than Enscape medium settings. So this just might have to do with how Enscape is programmed? Nothing wrong with that, I ask that since I have worked with Unreal Engine also, and there was always a number of ways to improve performance for VR which made huge differences while keeping mostly the same quality.

    I do clean up the scene in Sketchup first, and then render Enscape as a stand alone exe, to try and get things to run as smooth as possible. I also do know that VR ideally needs 90FPS, and when it does not get that it skips down to 45FPS (at least that was the case with Vive, not sure if this is still the case) which would explain lag in VR easily since there is no gradual decrease in frames that you might not notice.

    Anyway, if the 1080 Ti is simply not good enough for this, then I consider my question answered. This might even mean a 2080 might not be good enough either, simply a case of a technological boundary we face today? Or are there any other reason why a 1080 Ti (simply asking about 1080 since it's what I have) can not keep up with Enscape on High or Ultra?

    What do you guys, the Enscape team, use for VR? And on what settings do you use it?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate it!


    I was wondering, would it not be a good idea to be able to download all current assets to the computer, and as it get's updated the new assets either download automatically or we can choose to download them? As loading times for the assets are always so slow (to view them in the assets menu).

    It is the only real downside I'm experiencing with the assets, it always takes a while to scroll through them as the thumbnails (or preview pictures) first got to load every time.



    I got a GTX 1080 Ti. I normally run Enscape VR on medium settings. (Using Samsung HMD Odyssey). Any higher setting makes the experience in VR uncomfortable (lag). However, when I use Enscape on the monitor only, it is smooth on Ultra also. So I'm wondering it is has something to do with the VR headset rather than the GPU. I'm thinking it has to do with FPS limitations, or refresh rate.

    Either way, I'm in the same boat as you so would also like to know an answer to this problem.


    Is there any way to make a water feature (think waterfall), where water runs down a vertical plane? Simply texturing such a plane with the water material does not work at all. There any trick to this apart from probably getting a water texture (which would then be frozen, but could still work I guess. Just like to know how you guys deal with this?

    Thanks for any advice!


    I have a question about colours in Enscape. I can use the exact colour from a suppliers site in Sketchup, which looks the same then. But then it looks very different in Enscape, obviously because of the lighting/ sky/ time of day/ season. Is this a mostly accurate representation of the colours used though? Which settings/ time of day, eg. would provide the most accurate representation? This is the only real place I'm mostly still stuck at at this time. Thanks for any help!



    Ok I tried it on mobile on Chrome and Samsung Internet. (Galaxy S8). Below is what it looks like on PC:

    And this is how it looks like on mobile:

    Sorry I tried to upload the pictures and link it directly but in preview it showed as blocked images. Ok and it still does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong regarding sharing images on here? To describe the problem, on PC it looks fine. On mobile the colours are not correct, and everything is very dark.


    I am trying to export a scene using the Export web standalone option. It said uploading for a while then I get the following error:

    "An error occurred during the upload, please try again later."

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Enscape version: 2.6.0+11215 (stable version)


    I have a request/ question. While Enscape works perfect for normal virtual reality done via computer, and it has the ability to take scenes out to be viewed on a phone in cardboard etc. Will it not be great if it could be possible to, let's say, have an invisible crosshair then when you point it to specific let's say circles on the ground, you get teleported there? That was it could be possible to navigate even through mobile.

    Anyway, apart from that, does anyone here know of any app/ program that makes this possible? I know there has to be as it is possible to do it, but I'm not aware of what program makes this possible?

    Thanks for any help!

    Ok I can now confirm reverting back to release version solved this problem. Thanks for your help guys. GD3Design, I am on 2.5.3 (released 29 July). It works.

    Thank Carl much appreciated, for in the meantime. I will update if I experience any more crashes also.

    Update: So far so good on the release version. Use to crash easily in the first few moments. But not yet. Will again update later.

    Hallo, thanks for the response! I sent feedback. It there a way to revert back to the release version? To test if it might be something to do with the preview? I am aware the preview versions are unstable, but I guess I like to take chances as no preview version in the past has given me any problems.


    Recently Enscape started crashing. It never use to happen before. Even when exporting, that, too, crashes. It happens when you start Enscape, it works for a while, then crashes and that causes Enscape and SketchUp to exit. No error messages. I am using a preview version of Enscape though. Not sure if that might be the cause? Version: 2.6.0-preview2+8092