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    Well, I keep the working driver in a folder called "Enscape Driver". Then every time I need to use section planes in Enscape, I install it. After I'm done I update again to whatever the newest driver is. It's a little nuisance, but at least it's a workaround, for now. How often do you need to render a section plane anyway, if you think about it? But someone should fix this, and it doesn't seem that Nvidea is going to do anything about it, even though it is the drivers that started causing this problem. So I suppose it's something the Enscape team should look into.

    Ok, rolling back driver here also. How is this going to be fixed? Something NVIDEA messed up? Just so happen that a specific game I'm playing goes for the newest driver, or is more compatible with it. So I will have to keep reinstalling drivers for the time being.

    Am however, very grateful this answer is here, as when I ran into it now, I thought oh crap, I am now kind of screwed, who is going to have this specific problem? My lucky day I guess!

    UPDATE: This works. Just went back to the previous driver. Thank you!


    I am suddenly unable to use the video editor. When I click on it, on the left comes the video editor box but it is just a blank box with "Video Editor" as its header. This has to be a fault I suppose?

    Sketchup version: 2020

    Enscape version: 3.0.0-preview.4+35851


    I have found when adding a .mp4, .avi, or .mov file Enscape does not support video alpha channels or transparency, so thus far I have not found a good way to get rid of a background in a video to create fire. Does anyone have a work around?

    This could be a problem, yes. Will still work for enclosed fireplaces in most cases, but not open fire then. I have not tried this yet, but does GIFS work too? Because then it will work if you just convert a movie file to GIF, according to my own knowledge now, have not tried yet. Because obviously PNG works perfect, but we need a moving picture, just acting like a PNG.

    I have the latest preview for SketchUp but cannot locate a second tab on top (Only "Type") can you please post a screenshot so I can find it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, sure. First create a Material in Sketchup. Then go to Enscape materials, add a texture (any image you got does not matter) to it, where I marked "1". Then suddenly you will get a new tab where I marked "2", then go there, and change the texture there to a video file.

    I always make my ceilings double, it automatically work for first story since you have a slab on top anyway, but for single story or first story (top floor) I make the ceiling with one plane, but then depending on the roof, if it's flat roof, it works the same as with a slab, so no problem, if it's a sloped roof a single plane for ceiling, and the roof itself over it, also fixes this issue. Otherwise, like what was said already, if you are just going to do a interior shot, no outside, then just block it off on the outside yes.

    I have not made a fire yet, but I am already very confident Animated Textures will work in order to do this. You must get a clip of a fire/ flames, try YouTube even. Then go create a texture in Sketchup, go to Enscape materials on that texture, then on top you should see a second tab, where you can then import a video file, then just put this texture on a plane, maybe even make the plane it's own group for easy handling, then put it where needed.

    I just would have loved if the Animated Textures (and water/ wind) could have kept playing even when keeping the camera (view) stationary. But it's not a train smash.


    Could we maybe get a little arrow or some kind of indicator in which direction an asset is facing. Things like mirrors and cupboards is sometimes a little confusing, and having to run Enscape just to see if it's facing the correct direction breaks the work flow a little. Or is there a way to tell which way it's facing?



    Just an idea, what about having a Render Panorama/ for Cardboard, in a inverse manner as an option? Right now it does exactly what it needs to do, to render a panorama. Meaning render 360 from a central point around. But how about we could have a central point it renders around instead, also? This could be nice for sending a link to someone, they open it on their phone, and could move their phone, or more importantly, scroll with their finger around a house, being able to zoom in where they like around it etc. Or is that what the video render is for anyway? Because I know with a video you can control the movement also on your phone, but it starts of playing automatically and having to explain that to people is a little nuisance, and frankly, many people are not very tech savvy.

    Would this be something to look in to?

    I'm afraid, while I can say that Steam VR headsets should be working with Enscape, we did not have the chance to test those mentioned headsets, yet at least. This means we cannot 100% guarantee that it will work, but perhaps you will be able to order from a store with a decent return policy if you want to give it a try. :)

    Thanks for your reply! I suspect it will work, since it also seem to use Steam VR as the base. Which should translate fine. However, if I do test it, I will let you guys know if it works or not.


    Just a quick question, I'm looking into other headsets for VR, and one is the Pimax headsets. For example the 5K PLUS VR Headset, or Vision 8K, but for that I'd definitely need to upgrade my graphics card too, but that is besides the point. It seems it also uses Steam VR, at least as a base. Will this be compatible with Enscape VR? I'm still doing research but thought I'd ask here in the meantime to start getting bases covered.

    Thank you for any assistance!

    In what program are you working? Sketchup?

    You can modify the 'placeholder' geometry, but that does not affect the rendered object. Other then scaling, you can't really modify enscape assets. (there is a workaround by manipulating files in your directories, but it's complicated).

    Ah, thanks. And yes, Sketchup. That's too bad though, as I know assets normally appear as only one geometry, yet the curtains acted like self made objects, so I figured, this makes sense, as curtains with railings don't only come in one size/ length. Even though it worked perfectly in Sketchup, it does not update to Enscape.

    Thanks for the reply!


    I know it's easy to change the size of assets, but I added curtains to a wider doorway, so now I do not just want to stretch the whole asset. I realised, hey, you can double click it and move around parts of the asset. Which works fine in the workflow, yet has no effect in Enscape. Am I doing something wrong?


    Hi Hume

    thanks for your report! We'll investigate that now. Are there a lot of light sources in your scene?

    Not too many. I am working with a client doing a room at a time with what they want in it. So far It is just a lounge, undercover patio and a hallway that has lights. And obviously the sunlight. Mind you, this client use many strip lights, if I can put it like that. Which make the light sources in each room a bit more heavy than usual. I just use the Enscape Linear lights to emulate this. Which works great for it. I just wish you could pull the linear light out further, as it does not always go far enough, so I'd have to use two to make up for the length. Otherwise I suppose I could just use a material and let it glow, which I do too, but those lights gives a nicer effect wherever it makes more sense using them compared to glowing material.

    But for what it's worth, shadows in each area seem to go mostly one direction, obviously in relation to where the lights are, and not all over the place, which would make rendering more tedious, not to mention look unrealistic. I will keep up to date as I go along and notice anything, just for now I've noticed a huge difference in render speed when putting wind to 0%. Which should make complete sense, if it was for video though.

    This is what i have done for the moment, set the wind speed to 0%. But I think that Enscape probably want to know if we have problems with the new Enscape 2.8 version. And furthermore I would like to play with wind settings because now we have the opportunity to do it. For the moment i will have to wait to do it.

    Thanks for your answer!