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    What would be nice is if the Enscape materials were relative pathed to the central file (and Revit wouldn't make you map to the current projects folder for materials... Possible API hack?). That would take care of the majority of the issues here.

    Is anyone else concerned that the mapping to custom materials in Revit goes to a local material folder? When others are going to access the project, they will get broken texture paths. The message in the material settings say that relocating textures can cause issues. This is causing us to not install 3.1... Why not have a relative path folder to the central model for project based shared materials? Still testing alternatives, but curious what anyone else is doing? Also curious about Enscape's response to this concern.

    Im still looking for the best way to deploy the latest version with customizations to the entire office. What is best practice? Prior to 2.6 I used to push settings, block notifications, etc. Since the change to a json file I havent been able to deploy with settings transparent to the end user. There hasnt been an update in the deployment help blog since converting to json.

    Is this just not possible since the (2.6-2.8?) change?

    I do see the option to have the grid in the video editor. It would be nice to have the option to turn it on and off just like the help menu.