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    OK Perfect, Thanks for the explanation. Thinking about the possibilities, this could be a first step into simulating different types of weather or seasons.

    For example, we have a lot of gray skies during the winter here in Europe, but if I look out the window, the buildings still have enough color, it's mostly the sky that has turned gray.


    Demian Gutberlet

    Dear Demian

    Rick Marx responded promptly and correctly on this topic. Your development team should be able to recognize the implications and importance of this request.

    Again, this feature request is very simple: we have an overall saturation slider which is already great. Personally, I would like to have an additional slider that will ONLY adjust the Sky saturation, without affecting the rest of my scene. I do not want to fiddle around with highlights, sun brightness and overall image saturation in order to achieve this. These are all great adjustments which serve their own purpose.

    Sometimes a saturated sky works fine but many times you will find that a less saturated sky will help with the 'final image'.

    This adjustment should not affect the rest of my rendering, artistically speaking.

    We are using Enscape for its quick realtime and VR capabilities, this means we are specifically trying to avoid any Post-Editing.

    All in all I must say we are very happy working with Enscape at the Office and we are very enthusiastic about your planned Macintosh release in 2022.

    Thank you!

    Dear jtubb, I will make an effort to say this in a friendly manner. I hope it doesn't sound too rude.

    My original post was a Feature Request, not a Question. I did not ask how to do this in Post.

    We have started using Enscape specifically because of the Realtime and VR possibilities it offers. This has nothing to do with a high quality Render which will go into Post-prod which by the way I would personally never intend to produce with Enscape.

    I understand that your 'Photoshop' Approach might be of help to a few unexperienced people.

    Specifically those who don't know how to use it... Not my case.

    Have a nice day.

    Hello, we are using Enscape Version 3.1.2. and Vectorworks (German Version) 2020.

    We have Enscape assets on different 'Working Layers' (Konstruktionsebenen) and we need to be able to turn these Layers on and off. But the Assets are always visible regardless of the visibility of the Layers. VW 2021 seems to be responding correctly but we are using VW2020 in the company and are not planning on using 2021 except maybe sometime next year. Can you please provide help on this subject? Thank you!


    Hello I am not able to scale the Enscape assets (trees) in Vectorworks.

    Can anyone please explain how to achieve this?

    Thank you!

    Hello we got a strange splashscreen /welcomescreen on Enscape for Vectorworks today,

    it seem's like your SSL Certificate or something similar has expired.


    I am not able to save the sun's position for any of my views.

    I read the Knowledgebase Article on Sun and Geolocaiton:…edgebase/sun_geolocation/

    but none of this is working for us, on our side: VW Architektur 2020 SP4 (German Version)

    Any sort of connection with a Heliodon (Sonnenstand) is not working.

    Even when using the saved views in Collaboration Mode inside of Enscape which is quite handy, will not save the sun's position.

    Thanks for any help on this.



    I am not able to start a License using my User Account, it says: Login has failed/Login ist fehlgeschlagen

    I have tried multiple times to reset my Password but the same error keeps showing up.

    I am also logged into my customer-center account and i have two available floating seats assigned.

    What am i doing wrong?