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    I am honestly very disappointed. A Rhino 8 update would waste that much resources really ? I don't think the argument holds much. Your software is expensive ($79 per month floating license), it is double the price of D5, and same price of Twinmotion which are both Rhino 8 compatible already (maybe because Rhino 8 has been in the making for years..).
    Personally, I couldn't care much right now about Mac compatibility or improvement under the hood. Rhino 8 compatibility should be your priority, and we should not even have to point it out to you. More generally ensuring software continuity between old and new versions should be a priority. It is basic sotfware product servicing. This lack of update (until March 2024 sigh) disrupt workflows, imped productivity and make us wonder why we spend so much on Enscape. We are paying full-price for an outdated software right now.

    Once again, very disappointed.