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    A double use philosophie for still and VR would be very appreciated by a lot of users. Most users need both - great stills for a printed presentation and the VR for the direct experience. Good luck.

    i would also like to see something like this implemented...escapes true power for me is how quickly and efficiently I can itterate with lighting etc...but I would happily take the hit on render times for some higher quality render/shadows/reflections

    Hey Thomas

    yes the ceiling came out sweet, Enscape makes this easy now....i created a normal map from a flag texture..fairly hi rez 2048 x 2048 and scaled it up or down with your handy material editor....and voila

    looks pretty good i think

    got me thinking....if only sketchup could use DDS i do for game VR performance isn't great with Enscape ...but i suspect this down to poor optimised models my end and my fairly low end GTX1060...But i can dream....maybe one day

    Though that said the mip map levels of DDS Textures are a massive performance increase when i use the UNREAL (Sorry)

    any tips on better performance would be great


    Hey Enscape Folks

    Really loving the software you guys have created here...what matters most to me is time, and the ability to tweak lighting on the fly

    its a real game changer....and my clients are over moon the most with the speed i can now iterate on projects

    Some of the modelling and textures leave a little to be desired....but the fact i can turn this around in 8 hours is mind blowing to me

    keep up the good work guys


    No joy i'm afraid...tried with edge and firefox and paypal again

    i have also contacted my bank account provider to check there are no issues with my account and online payments - all good with this

    i emailed you guys at the address provided above...would be very grateful for a quick response and turnaround....i have a client breathing down my neck



    every-time i try to purchase on the web store...i get bounced back in a loop at the confirm stage....tried multiple payment methods

    Edit - im based in the uk

    I showed a client a project with your awesome software - and now i really need to purchase as im now under a dealine.arrrgghhh there any other way to do this without using the web store