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    there is now a walkthrough video explaining how to do this.

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    I have developed a workflow to let me grab Textured Meshes from Google maps and use them for Model context within enscape.
    I will be posting a how to video on this on You tube in the next few days.

    it all works really well, with the exception that it breaks "walk mode".
    if you enter "walk mode" then it either puts you on top of the mesh or your falling though into space.
    I need a way to tell Enscape to treat the mesh the same as it would a topography surface.

    I have attached 2 examples where I have used this to show all the geometry from my project to the city, this lets me show the exact views that will be achieved in the finish design.

    If I could fix the "Walk Mode" issue this would be an amazing solution for your users.

    Thanks for the info. i'm using the Samsung Odyssey HMD works great on a powerful desktop with GTX1080ti.

    on my Laptop with a 1070GTX, I have to have the render quality turned down to draft. but that still looks great.
    a few people have mentioned issues getting these headsets set up (windows issues, not enscape issues).

    make sure you have the latest.
    - Windows update

    - Graphics Card Drivers

    - USB Drivers
    - Steam updates

    - Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR.

    it's a lot of updates I know, but you will get the best result if you take the time.