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    Skatter is indispensable, I signed up to the earliest possible preview years ago and still use it all the time. It won't be as fast as Twinmotion, or even Forest pack, but it does exactly what it says it does, is quite flexible and is very reliable.

    I should add, I am running a dual xeon/RTX3090/256gb RAM 2 x TB SSD machine (though I suspect the advantage of such a machine is limited with SketchUp), so can't say what the results will be on something more consumer-grade.

    lol, with a 3090 and your pc configs you can scatter all EARTH PLANE (lol) .

    congrats for your machine

    There will definitely be some form of preview available when it comes to how the material looks. Do you have a specific preference?

    i think it must be a sphere to preview how the specular, refraction, normals, etc. will be rendered. of course, with any detail edge if possible (like vray sphere, corona sphere, etc)

    Looks like he maybe downloaded the specular workflow option - looking at that shader on the website, the specular workflow albedo is very dark, so would need to be inverted to get a close result. Guessing he just used the AO instead as it would be very white and would suit Enscape's shader. Better off downloading the metalness workflow option download though.

    This has also meant instead of the roughness option, he's using the gloss map (which is why the finish is so matte rather than the preview's finish). Again, this could be inverted, but better off using the proper roughness map in the metalness workflow. This shows how Enscape is so adaptable - doesn't matter what you have, just as long as you know how it can be arranged to get a good result.

    i agree.. good explanation! thanks

    Col = color = albedo = diffuss

    Disp = displacement (height)

    Gloss = Glossiness (roughness but inverse)

    Nrm = normal (height)

    Refl = reflection

    IF you go for a close UP render, use displacement, but if you are rendering a wide scene, use Nrm @ height

    I've just come off of a a test week using TwinMotion and really enjoyed doing exterior landscape work to my models vs in SketchUp/Enscape. Notably, the paint landscape/objects tool was incredibly easy and useful to use. Now I'm looking for tools and/or methods to use within SketchUp/Enscape which has led me to Scatter. Wondering now if there are any Scatter users around here that use Enscape and if anyone has any tips/feedback/etc for that app. Or maybe there is another plugin I'm not aware of? Thanks all!

    I am a scatter user. May i help you?

    Its a good a good plug-in to sketchup, but only for a small places, otherwise you Will need a NASA computer