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    I don't seem to be able to render elevations anymore.

    In June 2020 I was able to render elevations with whatever the current version was at the time.

    I have had to re-visit those saved views as there have been changes to the design, but when I render using take a screenshot, all I get is a white box.

    I have seen that this is a known issue with v2.9 and there is a supposed "workaround" but this means I have to recreate the views, which is a problem as I just wanted to render and do a quick Photoshop edit.

    Recreating means the views will not matchup perfectly.

    I will have to install the old version to do this which is not ideal to say the least.

    Can you please fix this issue?

    I've installed the latest version and I was still having the problem above.

    However, I think I have found a solution.

    The project with the views I am having this problem with was created originally just over 2 years ago and therefore the view settings were also created with whatever the current version of Enscape was at the time.

    This was obviously well before there was such a thing as batch rendering or even saving view settings in the SU project.

    So when the ability to save presets in project came about in later versions of Enscape I used the legacy setting import function and then created presets saved to the project with them.

    This is what is causing the problem because I tried making new view presets from scratch using default settings and tested the screenshot vs batch method and it works fine.

    Can someone please explain why batch rendering with a linked preset does not produce the same result as a screenshot render with the same preset loaded?

    As mentioned the preset has the "Use Viewport Aspect Ratio" box ticked.

    The screenshot method creates the render I want but the batch render zooms in or crops the view.

    I have not been able to use the batch render function with any success to date.

    As much as this is an improvement to the scene settings in general, it still falls far short of the mark in terms of usability. Seeing the settings update in the Enscape viewer when switching scenes would improve my workflow immeasurably! It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm getting the distinct impression from this thread and other similar threads, that Enscape developers are resistant to adding this functionality for some reason.

    Please, someone at Enscape, correct me if I'm wrong.


    I have made a new desktop recording to show the glitch again. See WeTransfer link below.

    You'll see that with both SU and Enscape visible I can open the Visual Settings (note the Visual Settings box is above the SU window) but when I click on "Presets" it pops up for a split second and disappears, I do it a number of times. I then minimise Enscape and click "Presets" again and I'm able to load a preset.

    In the second half of the video I get the same behavior with the "Manage Views" button. I click and it pops up but when I mouse over to the right it disappears before I can click the chain icon. When I minimise Enscape though, I'm able to click on the Chain link icon and link the view to a preset.

    As previously noted I've only put the two windows onto one screen to make this recording. I always have SU on one screen and Enscape on the other but I still get the same issues I've described above.

    Now with regards to the first video, you are right! On occasion it does actually work with Enscape visible. I was able to recreate that again by switching between the SU scenes 2 or 3 times. You can see that was what I did at 2:10 in the first video. It's not a solution in my opinion as it doesn't work every time.


    Sorry to keep banging on about this Kaj, but this is really baffling to me.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone requested a feature to have visual setting pre-sets for batch renderings only.

    Surely people who requested having vis settings linked to views did so to be able to view them on their screen?

    You (Enscape that is) market your product as being a "real time rendering" solution.

    If you don't include applying the linked settings to views in real time then it is no longer a "real time rendering" program. So again, unless there is some technical limitation, why wouldn't you include it?

    Just to clarify my earlier post with regards to the glitchy presets and manage views buttons, they simply don't work for me if the Enscape window is visible anywhere on my desktop, irregardless of where the settings box is located.

    It's the other way around - You can use the linked settings presets for batch renders only at this point.

    We have included this feature in the current form so we could open it up to the public in Enscape 2.7, already. Any other additions would have delayed it beyond the release of the next Enscape version.

    Whether the linked settings will be applied in real-time as well will be decided at a later point. This said, we're very grateful for all your feedback!

    Is there is a technical reason why the linked settings only have effect when batch rendering?

    I would really like to see my scene and it's visual settings update when I toggle between them. Seems like a basic function of linking a preset with a view to me, unless of course there is a major technical issue preventing this?

    It's no different than setting the time of day/shadows for each view which updates in Enscape when switching scenes.

    I mostly work on interiors and almost always need to tweak the exposure settings or artificial light strength from one view to the next. The reason being that I use different times of the day for different views to get the best looking render.

    The lobby in the video for example has about 12 views and I found I needed 8 different visual settings to get the renders looking the way I want.

    But as I mentioned in my previous post, batch rendering isn't working for me so none of this matters if I can't produce a render.

    As far as the glitchy settings box, it is simply unusable. I use 2 screens, and frankly I'd be amazed if there's anyone using SU and Enscape with one screen.

    I have to minimise Enscape even if it is on the other screen to use the settings!

    I only put both windows on one screen to make the desktop video I posted.

    Please leave it the way it was or make it a preference setting?

    I can't put this to the test. as the batch rendering didn't work for me either.

    I selected all CAD views (in this case 2 views) and the progress bar goes straight to 50% and stays there and after about 20 seconds the Enscape window closes and no renderings are produced.

    Anyway, the settings don't update when I switch views which is fundamental to be able to use it properly.

    Is it just me that is experiencing these issues? Does it actually work for you?


    I have created a video of my desktop to demonstrate the problems.

    I've uploaded it to Wetransfer (hope this is okay) see link

    You'll see that when the Enscape viewer is showing I can not use the Visual setting presets or the Manage Views function for that matter. I have to minimise Enscape.

    The main issue for me, Visual settings applied to scene, you'll see clearly does not work for me. The only difference between the 2 settings is the exposure change from 68% to 73%.

    I've tried it on 3 different models now and I think I did it correctly.


    I have had a go at trying to use this new feature - Linking visual settings to CAD views.

    It either doesn't work or I am missing a trick.

    Here's what I did to test it:

    I created a new SU model (SU Pro 2018), drew a box, and created 2 scenes from different angles.

    I then unticked the auto exposure setting so that it's set at 50% and saved a visual setting preset to the project from scene 1.

    I named that visual setting "Vis setting 1" and then went to manage views and clicked on the chain icon and assigned "Vis setting 1" to scene 1

    I then switched to scene 2, made a couple of changes to the visual settings, in this case, changed horizon to "white cubes" and exposure to 14% then saved another visual setting preset to the project called "Vis setting 2". I then repeated the linking as above assigning Vis setting 2 to scene 2.

    So at this point I tried toggling between the 2 scenes in SU assuming that the Vis settings would update in Enscape viewer.

    Unfortunately they do not. When I switch back to scene 1 the setting I created for scene 2 is still active.

    Also on top of all this, the preset button is incredibly glitchy and is only useable if I minimize (hide) the Enscape window

    What, if anything, have I done wrong? Would you please explain how to use this functionality.

    Or even better, create a basic demo video to show it.

    I know this has been requested ad nauseam, but are the developers any closer to figuring out a way to allow saving visual settings for each scene in Sketchup?

    It's a constant battle to keep adjusting project settings (or create endless variations) to accommodate tweaks to the visual settings.

    I noticed that in the new preview version that there is a function for batch rendering. Great idea, but this wouldn't work for me as almost every scene I create needs different settings, especially exposure and brightness.

    If this issue could be sorted out, Enscape would go from very good to GREAT in my book.

    I was really keen to see how the new embedded settings work but couldn't even launch Enscape.

    I tried launching with one of my current models and SketchUp crashed. So I was worried that the problem was with my model so I tried launching with the default SketchUp empty model, still crashes.

    I'm using an up to date version of SketchUp Pro 2018.

    I am pleased that the asset library is growing but for me there are still not enough people and variety of poses.

    There are too many on their phone/looking at their phone (although it is a reflection of or society currently).

    I would like to see more people interacting with others such as Esme (sitting) who looks to be engaged in a conversation.

    Currently there are more trees/plants than people. That's great but not for interior spaces which is what I mostly find myself rendering these days.

    That said, keep up the good work!