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    Whenever I select an asset from the Enscape Asset Library and place it in sketchup the Asset Library window disappears and I have to reopen it.

    Seems like a glitch to me.

    Is there any way to keep it from doing this?

    This has always made me wonder if I was doing something wrong.

    Looking forward to this fix . It's not just the Rhino plugin, this is from SketchUp

    :huh:Oh dear...I've just googled "Enscape's line light". I had no idea that Enscape objects existed (duh!)

    I just assumed that I had to create lights using materials set to self illumination.

    I'll go away and try using the Enscape lights now and I'm sure that will fix the issue.

    Thanks Gadget!

    I have a ceiling with a series of coffered panels that have a light source running around the perimeter that is completely concealed from view when looking up at it. (see detail)

    The light source is not covered and in reality it would cast a glow upwards onto the metallic ceiling above but it's completely dark.

    It only seems to work when I raise the light source enough so that the light itself is visible in the view, but we don't want to see the source just the glow.

    Is this result built in to Enscape on purpose?

    We use a lot of recessed lighting effects on our designs so this will be a major hurdle for us.

    Any suggestions?

    There's always, I dunno, doing coordination in software designed specifically for coordination? Navisworks, Solibri, etc... Enscape's dedicated focus on live-visualisation is the very reason why I opted for it, over the other wouldbe contender (at the time) Revizto. If you're providing such services, then it pays to get paid to play with the correct tools.

    It's only a coordination model because that's what Autodesk have chosen to call it.

    It's a Navisworks model.

    Navisworks models can now be imported into Revit and displayed in any view.

    On one of our projects, our MEP consultant only provides us with Navisworks model as they don't use Revit.

    It would be very useful for us to be able to see these in Enscape as well.

    I for one, hope this can be implemented in a future release.

    With the above comments in mind, I saved out the room as a separate model (as it was already a group). recreated the view and re-rendered.

    The issue of the missing walls has been resolved, and this lighter model is very fast.

    In hindsight it makes perfect sense to isolate a portion of a large project model, which this is, to produce visuals in a single, confined space.

    There's still the slightly annoying issue of materials not showing on some faces in the reflection but nothing I can't fix in Photoshop.

    Thanks to all for the suggestions.

    I've created a rendering of a restroom which has some missing walls in the mirror's reflection. See first image.

    I'm was really pleased with the rendering generally but as you can see, some of the concrete fin walls between the toilet cubicle doors are missing.

    If I change the viewpoint to look more directly into the mirror, as in the second image, the problem gets worse and the walls disappear completely.

    This is really odd as the cubicle doors are fine and they are further back in the reflection.

    I've seen from previous posts that some materials go missing if the items are not shown directly in the rendering but this is different issue I think.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Okay, I've figured out that the problem is my chrome browser as I tried to view the older stereo panos from a couple of weeks ago and they didn't work either.

    I installed Firefox and set it as default web browser and I can rotate around just fine.

    Chrome must have auto updated on my phone with some sort of glitch that prevents correct viewing of stereo panos.



    I have created a stereo pano from Revit 2018 which processes okay. I have uploaded it to the cloud and can rotate around it in my web browser without problem.

    I can scan the QR code to view on my phone and I can see the image, but when I rotate my phone the image does not rotate laterally (left to right). It rotates up and down correctly however.

    I've tried this twice now and get the same result.

    I created one a couple of weeks ago that worked fine and I haven't changed any settings on my phone so I'm a bit puzzled.

    Any suggestions?