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    Hello to everyone,

    I want to use this scene because it was the scene that I tested enscape first in 2017. During this 3 years the software developped so much.

    Also thanks for this competition, it was a great idea and preparing these images was so fun.

    I hope 2020 will bring all of you happiness.


    Thank you,



    It's been a while since I shared my last post in here The new version is great and the asset library is helps to create scenes quickly. Thats why I want to test the version with this ready model to check the news.

    First of all the model is from 3dwarehouse:

    I want to see the details of the assets with different HDRs. They have 20k resoluiton but the program working very smoothly.

    I want to notice one "maybe" bug in here also. You cant save the key frames with the vertical correction. I mean when the architectural two-point perspective is active and you save the frame with looking up and apply, the camera target turning again to its orginal position. Thats why I cant get the video with vertical corrections.



    very nice mood and model. The details are great. Just one advise, you can use an HDRI to get more nice reflections and sky.

    That's Brilliant.............I used this technique when Using V-Ray for SketchUp, It's nice that you can do the Same with Enscape............

    excatly. Also I was using Kerkythea for this. And now this way is more fast and easy to use. But one negativity is that, you can onlyuse this with aerial views. Because view sync. is not working well for eye views. Because in SKP you need to use two point perspective in order to correct the vertical shifts. When you do that enscape is not following the view any more. But you dont need eye level views for diagrams everytime.

    yeah, excatly. If you switch on the view sycn. and make the export resoulutions same, then the exported images will have the same frame and angle. Perfectly matched in photoshop. I use enscape for clay rendering, the line work and the sharp shadows are from sketchup.

    Archoverdose Are you rendereing these shots with a very narrow field of view? And are you using a rather large groundplane or environment mesh? Usually light leaking in shadows is much smaller than what we can see in these shots.

    Field of view is normal but yes, the environment is large, this one is an urban design project. Is it the cause for that much leaking?

    I have a Ge1080Ti too. How is your live update performances? I mean in enscape window I am working perfect but when I need to edit modelling with live update, (in sketchup) the program gets stuck for a short but repetitive periods. Also when the sync. views is on it gets worser.

    Hi all,

    These are some test images for the latest version of Encape and some new HDRIs. The original model is from internet (dont remember the source, downloaded long time ago) but modified for this images, they are directly the exports. Also, the resolution of the HDRIs is 20k and it is working very smoothly.



    This is my wish too for a long time. Also I wish to have a height slider for fog effect too. We are very limited to use enviromental effects because they are working in a limited height for example 0-50 metre height. I am modelling my project in realworld Z coordinates, and have to move them close to zero for getting fog effect.

    Hi all,

    I am using enscape in designing and visualization processes for a long time. But this time I tried to use it for preparing the diagrams of a recent project of mine. When the camera sync. is open and use the same resolutions in both skp 2d export and enscape export, the resulth is perfeclty matching. By this way, possibilities are endless. This is just one of them (bye bye kerkythea) ;)

    this sharings is awesome like the images you got with enscape. Very nice lighting and ambience. The renders with white color dominant is always a challange for me and I like them more. First image is my favorite well done. And thanks for the links.

    Very nice mood. The only thing that reduce the reality of the image is the green facade parts. They have a weird saturation level. the grasses' green color on the right bottom corner is much more proper I think.