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    For example, street lights from enscape library luminate a bit, but not down to the floor/street as they would in reality ...

    I agree, artificial light range is very short and the falloff is quick. It´s hard to make realistic night shots with artificial light sources.

    Hey. I'm having problems with three computers at the office experiencing the same problem. We run everthing from 1070 to 3070 cards with updated drives and are all expericing the same issue with our Quest 1. No difference with RTX on or off and as the 1070 card doesn't have RTX the issue shouldn't be connected to that? The headset is one of the common factors, could it be the problem?

    All three of us at the office are having the same issue unfortunately. The latest file I tested has 90 scenes, and I have tested with Synchronize Views and Live Updates on and off. The double frames with the same camera view seems to show up randomly, so it's not the same frames that are affected in different batches.

    We are running Enscape 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 with Sketchup 21.1.X

    I'm having issues while batch rendering as the camera isn't switching fully between renders. Some of the images stay on the former scenes position so I get two or more images with the same camera position. Time of day and other parameters update but not the camera position.

    I'm running the latest version of Enscape and Sketchup.

    Anyone knows how to correct the issue?


    I'm working in a small team using Sketchup and Enscape for garden and landscape design. I have set up a material library with Sketchup materials and Enscape material maps, but I'm having problems sharing it with the other designers in my team using Google Drive. When they point Sketchup at the material library that is synced to their computers locally from Google Drive, Enscape cannot find the maps because their Enscapes are looking for my user on my collegues computers.

    (example C:\Users\Myuser\Google Drive\Company\Production\SketchUp\Material\Sketchup material folder)

    Anyone know how to set up a system where local Sketchup and Enscape programs can find a cloud saved material library and maps?


    Is there a video tutorial showing how you guys see the workflow of video editing in Enscape, because I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to make it work in a way that makes sense for me?

    Thank you all for the feedback - the ability to simply drag and drop keyframes is still something we are working on. I have gathered the rest of the feedback as well and forwarded it accordingly.

    That's great to hear.

    Another feature that I really would like to see (if it's not there already and I have missed it) is the ability to add a keyframe in the middle of the timeline and push all keyframes after that point forward in time keeping it's relative time spacing between existing key frames. Now it squeezes them together based on the global overall time of the video and on what specific times are set for each key frame, and that usually ruins the whole spacing of keyframes.
    I don't care at all what the overall time of my video is, all I care about is the timing of each key frame relative to the one before and the one coming after. I suggest you skip the constraint of each keyframe to a specific time in the video and instead constrain them to the key frame before and after. That way the individual frames keep their spacing even if I insert a new frame anywhere on the timeline, pushing the existing ones down the line and increasing the overall time of the video.

    Hope I explained it in an understandable way.

    Great app except for the things mentioned above.