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    Many times an architectural project is not ready to show facade materials, and you go with the white render.

    However, the vegetation would be awesome to still render in color.

    This would save a lot of time, in post production by not having to combine two different renders.

    Could this feature please be included :)?


    Same issue here,
    Happy to send the video export to you Demian Gutberlet , to where can I send it?

    result is in general very choppy with 1 or 2 short sections where it runs smooth.

    Choppy video in export, smooth video in preview.

    Exports with high FPS and maximum compression quality.

    Playing in VLC or similar from local harddrive -

    Rhino 6 latest update, latest Enscape version
    Only rhino and enscape materials,
    Only Enscape assets used - no imported complex geometry

    128 GB RAM
    Intel i9-7900X @3.3GHz
    Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000