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    i had something similar happen once and it turned out that i had some very small bits in SketchUp (like pixel sized line segments) that had came into the model from a component I had downloaded. Might be worth giving that a check as stuff like this can drive you crazy.

    in the original image posted with the radiator, did you check the material settings for the wall tile behind the radiator? It looks like you might be experiencing more of a reflection of the radiator color in the wall material than the radiator actually emitting light. It would make sense that this quality goes away when the ambient turned to zero.

    bumping this request. We like to use native enscape people assets primarily for their small file size and ease of placement, but; we would love the ability to toggle them to render as transparent white or transparent black so they are not so visually strong. They are typically quite dark and tend to be places of high contrast within the image which tends to snag the eye. Not to mention they sometimes come off a bit posed and are rough when close to camera especially when looking toward the camera. In addition, we would love the ability to exclude them from enscape's outlines feature again so they can fade a bit more into the scene and not be such a graphic meatball.