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    This looks great. Unfortunately, on my current machine, sketchup doesn't like to play nice with the model unless I reduce the polygon count in transmutr to the point where I lose the shape of everything. Especially as the edges of the tiles get distorted rather than smoothed in to a single plane.

    Enscape handles it OK though, so if all I need is a straight proxy I'd be ok. But cutting out the site location, or working on the mesh itself at all and it chokes. :(

    Even just positioning and scaling is a pain.

    Its frustrating, as the mesh could really be simplified so much more. And Blender handles the model just fine, but my blender experience is limited.

    Perhaps the attached gif shows it better.

    Left is the original sketchup component & texture with displacement, on the right is a copy of the component that has been mirrored/scaled -1/"flipped" along it's red axis.

    I understand I am 'mirroring' the object and therefor the texture also, which is why I mentioned that it may not be a bug at all, rather a quirk highlighted by my workflow.
    But if having mirrored versions of my components is going to have such glaringly different results to their bump maps/displacements, I'm going to end up needing lots of additional blocks instead of simply being able to mirror them.

    I guess it's actually more of a sketchup issue, as for example I'd face a similar problem if my textures had text on them. It's just never been an issue for me until now I've noticed it in the displacement.

    I've not upgraded to 3 yet, just in the middle of finalizing a project so waiting until after.

    But to add to the Visual Preset settings discussion, my main gripe is I like each scene to maintain it's own aspect ratio. It's a pain if I create or adjust a new 'style' preset, but then have to migrate that to all my different views, but then also adjusting the output aspect ratio on each also.

    It also makes for unnecessary duplicates of almost identical presets.

    I've love to be able to lock the aspect ratio to the view indefinitely, and apply the other parts of presets on top.

    I've got, for example, a pair of semi-detached houses with a roof tile material with a displacement map.

    You can see in the attached image that the 'as modelled' left hand portion the displacement is more pronounced than on the 'mirrored/flipped' right hand copy.

    Ignoring the join in the material, is the only way to get a consistent displacement to have a single, non flipped plane?

    Is this intentional, or should I post this in the Bugs part of the forum?

    For more context, I've tried both applying the material directly to the face, or to the overall component, and it doesn't make a difference.

    I've deleted the temp file and it's fixed everything it seems, except "Daisies" (the old dasies patch, not one of the new blocks.)
    This is even when bringing them in to a new clean sketchup file. The proxy is coming in oversized and they're rendering at the larger scale too.

    I'm currently downloading Offline assets to see if that makes a difference.

    Sill on version 2.9.1

    Edit...Offline assets didn't make a difference, but the scale difference is exactly 100x so I think I can work around it easy enough for now.

    Got the update notification, but have held off doing it as I'm near the end off a pressing project and didn't want to cause any conflicts through an update!

    But I get this scaling issue anyway, and now enscape wont even fully load, just sticking on the loading screen!

    I had my first ever payment renewal yesterday too (monthly) ;( ;(

    I'm new to Enscape, but really enjoying working with it.

    I'm testing out the custom asset process. And I've got, for example, a set of plants at various stages of growth/life and they all use a single image for the texture.

    And I missing something or do I have to bring each one in, one by one, and set up the materials etc individually? Or is there a way of creating an asset 'pack' for the set of example plants?