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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Hey Demian,

    Thanks, I've already sent feedback from within Sketchup's Enscape plugin and I included a URL to this thread post. Not sure what constitutes 'large' but I've included a screenshot of the overall model. The structure at the origin is the only area of detail. I reduced the scene (see second screenshot) to just that room and the issue persisted.

    I also made a test scene that consisted solely of a 100m2 ground plane and a 1x1m cube and still have the same issue.

    Just a side note - I got an email from customer support asking me to try and download the latest Enscpae version and Nvidia drivers, just CX thing - shouldn't it be part of my log that I'm already on the latest version and driver? The email also said that my "crash" might be solved in the latest release (my issue isn't a crash). This kind of customer support response doesn't bother me so much personally, but I'm sure it would bother other people. Just thought I'd raise that since I'm in a CX role and I'd hope someone would give that kind of feedback to me.

    Just an FYI, the SteamVR Resolution Per Eye setting should be at 3169 x 3088 (100%) if you want the image in the Reverb G2 to display "natively". This setting is the internal render resolution necessary to apply the counter-lens distortion correction without losing clarity (it renders at 3169 x 3088, applies a pin-cushion distortion, and because it oversampled, the most stretched areas look "native" resolution). All headsets will render this way in fact (the 100% setting in SteamVR will show a higher than native resolution).

    I have a G2 and use Enscape with Sketchup, I find the headset not really useable on most versions of Enscape, unfortunately. 3.1 was the best so far in terms of performance and visual clarity. I would turn off raytracing and run at medium quality in Enscape's settings and get juuuuust passable performance, enough to give someone (perhaps a client) who might have a lower tolerance to frame drops etc. I was hoping that Enscape would eventually decouple DLSS from the RTX Hardware Raytracing button so that I could get the performance boost of DLSS combined with the sensible choice of having RTX Hardware Raytracing off (raytracing in high-res VR is an unreal expectation at the moment I think) - And they did! I have 3.2 but when I tried DLSS with Hardware-accelerated Raytracing off, it created a lot of aliasing, and the performance has also gotten worse compared to 3.1

    Feels a bit one step forward, one step back and sideways with Enscape VR. Really want it to work.

    Hi there,

    See attached video, VR mode is enabled in all clips but the recording is a screen capture of my desktop display (which shows the issue, but the aliasing is far worse looking through the VR headset).

    I have found that irrespective of whether Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing is enabled or not, if DLSS is enabled it causes significant aliasing. The aliasing goes away if DLSS is disabled.

    Interestingly, partway through my testing to capture this on video, when I enabled Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing, restarted Enscape and then enabled DLSS it started going crazy, not just aliasing.

    I'm using an HP Reverb G2 headset, rig is an AMD Ryzen 5800x and RTX 3080.

    I've made a log also and have referenced this post.

    Yeah, the controllers are super choppy. My controllers are present (along with the performance issues) from the start, so I haven't experienced the scene going from performant - to poor performance like you have you. Demian Gutberlet, I can open a project and send new report if that helps. We don't use Enscape much at the moment, we are using UE4 (and testing the preview of UE5) for VR and general vis, since for our purposes the workflow effort is comparable and the baked lighting workflow + DLSS 2.1 means high res VR is more a feasible.

    Hi Sean,

    We have access to a Vive Pro (wired) but primarily use an HP Reverb G2. I am aware of Steam’s scaling behaviour, thanks, it does confuse many people. We run the oversampling at the minimum HP recommends which is needed for the distortion correction to be applied to the image such that the image ‘looks native’ when it reaches the panel.

    I agree, that kind of resolution, at a high frame rate, and path traced is sort of science fiction currently (without mature DLSS, foveated rendering, etc I guess). It is odd that on my end I can have a scene with a 10m2 ground plane with a 1x1 cube vs a detailed scene of a city block and experience similar frame times. Really looking forward to any issues being resolved. It could be great to have a hybrid lighting option for VR, where lighting is baked but say reflections are ray traced? Would mean time of day would have to be static I assume.

    On another note, since 3.0, just moving the camera in the view port is jittery, like it’s skipping a frame. Are you aware of anything like that?

    If anyone is interested this is what technical support said:

    “Hello Pete,

    Thank you for your patience.

    Our developers have taken a look at your data.

    They couldn't find any direct indication why it is performing so poorly.

    They have been able to reproduce some performance problems with the Vive recently.

    This might hint towards a problem with a recent NVidia driver or SteamVR version.

    Another possibility is that we are running into a problem with the RTX 3080.

    They are investigating this issue further and are expecting this to be a bug somewhere.

    We will keep you up to date on any findings or possible work arounds.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    If you have any questions regarding this case, don't hesitate to contact me”.

    So no resolve currently. Pretty disappointed with my purchase of a high end pc and and VR headset, since it was purchased solely for Enscape VR.

    Hi Demian, thanks for your reply. Everything else in VR works very well on both headsets with the exception of the Steam home environment with the Reverb G2 (which has known issues currently, I'm told) though SteamVR apps like games/applications work fine, you just have to launch them directly from the Steam library with that headset.

    I have previously tried lowering the resolution but taking it low enough to hit 90hz simply doesn't look acceptable I'm afraid, clients/co-workers feel like their eyes aren't focusing and really dislike it. That kind of adverse reaction to the experience is subconsciously transferred to our work, which of course is not good. Really, lowering the resolution any lower than the recommended resolution for the headset's distortion correction begins to defeat the purpose. I'll send a feedback report from within Enscape as you suggest.

    As a side note - I've seen some users request baked GI for VR (with perhaps the option for just raytraced reflections?) - yes please! Can you add an upvote for me and five non-forum users who I've spoken with re that feature.

    Another great feature would be turning off reflections entirely from glass when in draft mode. It's distracting seeing the HDRI intensely reflected in interior glass panels and with VR if we're being realistic, for the next few years we're all probably going to have to be using Draft quality for presentations (until DLSS for VR, foveated rendering etc.. ..RTX 7000 series GPUs ;)) .

    If DLSS is a roadmap feature please upvote that for me too!

    Thanks for your time.

    Hi all, I'm having issues with VR. It seems to not matter if I have a complex model or just a 10m2 plane with a 1x1m cube sitting on it with the render quality is set to draft, the frame rate is very low.

    System specs:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5800x

    Motherboard: Asus Strix x570-E

    Ram: 32GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600mhz

    Gpu: Nvidia RTX 3080 (MSI Ventus x3)

    Storage: Samsung 980 pro 1TB

    Headset: Vive Pro and HP Reverb G2

    Sketchup Pro 2021

    As you can see, this should be a fairly capable system. I saw there was another thread from a while back describing similar issues but had no resolve? All drivers are up to date, as well as Windows, Steam, SteamVR, WMR portal and OpenXR.

    Thanks for your time!