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    Looks like since the last update the general settings pop-up is crashing when used.
    Anyone else has this problem too ? My scene is only 18 MB.

    The pop-up with the settings does appear, but when I move a slider my whole sketchup scene is "not responding".
    The dropdown list does not appear at all.

    After a lot of patience (a few minutes), the changes have effect en it takes about a minute to close the pop-up again.

    I've made a project with a lot of buildings. Converted all those building to proxys.
    Question I have is how I can change the material etc. of one of those proxys so that the main project
    is getting updated automatically with those changes.

    Example : I've got a main project called marketplace.SKP. There is a building that's called townsquare.
    I made a proxy out of that townsquare wich I called townsquare.SKP.

    After I did this I saw that one of the materials of the townsquare isn't correct. So I tried to change it in townsquare.SKP and saved it again.
    My marketplace.SKP didn't get updated with the new version of townsquare.SKP.

    What should I do ?

    Hi, this is my first day on Enscape. Searched through the forum, but couldn't find an answer.

    Is it possible to FTP-upload the .exe file so that other people can view it online ?
    Or is the only way to show it to your customers to let them download the file ?