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    I am having this same issue only with the Revit plug in. It was working perfectly one night then the next day it gave me the graphics card start up error and got stuck on 5%. I tried sending the error report, but it closed my software and didn't send it. I did send a message to tech team, but I have heard nothing back.

    I missed an important client deadline due to this issue. And have another crucial one in two weeks. I hope it is fixed by then. Very frustrating.

    I am having issues with shadows being too dark in my models when working with exterior views. Material is lost in the dark shadows, and sometimes it is impossible to see what is going on in the darker areas when I orbit around the building. I have messed around with artificial lighting in places to help illuminate areas, such as under porch covers or bigger overhangs and I find that it helps, but I don't want to add lighting to eaves when it shouldn't be there. I have also tried adjusting all the sun settings, exposure settings, etc. that are available to see if any of those work, but I find that it doesn't help as much as I would like. And some adjustments mess with the quality of the material representation. I have spent a lot of time searching to see if I can find any tutorials or questions regarding this same issue but have come up empty handed. I do find when I put more in the site it seems to help, but I work in collaboration with someone who would like me to export still shots of the building without site context so that he can add it in photoshop. I find the building alone creates even darker shadows. I am looking for any tips or trick or resources that might help.

    Attachments show some examples. Thanks!

    Demian, thank you for the suggestion. I do believe changing the background creates a different effect. The attached images are closer to the roof color I am looking for. Although still not quite as dark as I would like.

    Another question: Is there a way to brighten up the shadows? In both of these images I have the shadows on the lowest setting and the sun at close to the highest. Still the shadows look so dark you can't even see the details on the building. I feel like I have see other Enscape renderings where the lighting is more balance. Perhaps I don't need the sun so bright? Suggestions on that would be welcomed as well.

    I am having issues with my roof material which I want to be dark, dark grey showing up as brown in Enscape. In Revit it looks black. I have the material assigned and have it tinted with an almost black grey color. I am assuming it is turning brown because of the sun shining on it in Enscape, but it still looks brown even when the sun is less intense. Plus, I need the sun to be overhead when rendering these images. Is there a way to change the settings in either Revit or Enscape to get it closer to my desired material? Attached I have an image of my Enscape model and an image of the desired roofing material color. I am using Revit 2021 and the latest Enscape version. Any suggestions would be appreciated.