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    Hi guys, I have Macbook Pro 14 M1, 8core CPU, 14 core GPU, 16GB memory...MacOS Ventura 13.01...seems like verything is working fine for my size of projects...the power of the machine is enough...the only question I have is that it seems to me like the "link" Check for new version is not i have version 1.1.19 +1458 is it the last one...the newest?


    Wait. Or buy a faster Windows machine for 1/2 the price and invest the difference in APPL stock.

    thank you very much for your answer, well maybe its my personal problem, but I don't want to switch from Mac to win that often and also the win workstation is bit big, sometimes I need to carry it from office to home office and so on...I expect that Mac version will have some limitations, but I think i can forgive it to have the ecosystem....anyway thanks again and I will consider it.

    Hi guys, I want to make final decision what kind of new Mac to buy.

    Do you have some experience with

    1. Macbook Pro M1 pro

    2.Macbook Pro M1 Max

    3. Mac Studio M1 max

    4. Mac Studio M1 ultra

    5. Or wait for M2 /pro, max, ultra/?

    We are not working on large scale projects, now Im testing with base MacBook Air M1, its is workable, but significantly slower then our RTX 3070 machine...

    I don't need to have portable machine...

    Please let me know any kind of experience, or advice...thanks..

    Hi Demian, we have the Windows version for one year /freshly renewed/ is there some kind of "crossplatform" license, or do we have to buy another license for Mac...we don't plan to use Windows license any more /after the official Mac version will be released/...

    I use both laptops for business (and Enscape):

    - MacBook Pro (16", Late 2021) Apple M1 Max / 64GB RAM / 2TB SSD / $4203.13

    - Razer Blade (15" Advanced, Late 2021) Intel Core i9 / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD / $3230.26

    As soon as the Enscape MacOSX beta allows for batch rendering I'll post benchmarks and SketchUp source

    Guys, just a simple question. What to buy? M1 studio max 32gb and 24 core gpu? Or 32 gpu? Or 64gb ram? Or should we buy Mac studio with M1 ultra? ….re are doing middle size jobs, almost no videos….thanks for advice

    Hey, yesterday I've tried, with no success, to install Enscape on my MBP13 M1. I've tried it on a freshly installed Sketchup Pro 2021. The enscape toolbar doesn't show up anywhere, not even in the extensions panel. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you!

    I have to struggle in the night...but did it this way...install fresh Sketchup 2021 /im using 2022 on the same machine M1 air/, then clean the plugins folder, install Enscape and its running...sometimes the loading is bit slow...but this solution works for me.

    Well, I don't know where was my problem. I unistalled all plugins, reinstall just the Enscape. And it WORKS....I didn't try some big projects...but I only have MacBook Air here on a trip...


    Some points to all:

    1. do you have some experience how to switch between projects? I can open more projects in Sketchup but I can have just one project opened in workaround is to work with just one project at the time...when switching to another project I quit Sketchup and start again... Do you have other workarounds?

    TODAY its like Christmas for I can order new Macs for office...

    Well I have downloaded the Sketchup2021, installed the Enscape...could not to go to sleep...and then it crashes...tried Im not able to even start the sketch with plugins...Im on the road out of my specs are pretty basic MacBook Air M1 8GB there someone who has "working version" of Enscape with M1 chip?

    Hi tomankubik ! Have you been able to test the beta yet? How is your machine handling it?

    Now that the beta is out I hope we can get more precision soon from Enscape / Demian Gutberlet about "minimum requirement" and "recommended requirement" (what CPU/GPU/unified RAM?). That would really help find that sweet spot between capabilities and cost :)

    Thank you,

    Dear Fran I have no information that the beta is out….I have been applied to beta program but nobody send me info. So hopefully they will react at least at this threat….I willing to buy also Mac studio just to try Enscape…we will see what happens

    MacOS support is not yet released - Please stay tuned for further info we'll share here and through other channels once there'll be any official announcements. :) You can also keep an eye on the MacOS Forum section here in general, although there isn't much we're sharing there ourselves just yet.

    thanks...I thought was just try from my side...hope it will be soon...Im waiting for it to upgrde whole office with Apple computers...

    well good to know that Enscape is Vulkan based...anyway seems like will be hard for Apple to comeback to architectural part of the far as I know Archicad and Vectorworks and Autocad are running pretty well with M1 /pro...max/ almost the last BIM to come to M1 is Revit...hope someone in Autodesk is old Apple fan...anyway...still no infos about Enscape for Mac....and my annual renew is ending soon...

    PS. /hope I will not get ban for beeing anoing/

    Guys, Im working on a project of medical centre...the client wants to show also "new machines" and one of it is Siemens X-ray machine...please maybe someone can find something similar...let me know I will realy apriciate it.