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    I am looking forward to getting our Vision Pro tomorrow & would love to navigate Enscape on it. We use meta quest 2 and it's barely OK. AVP will be much more capable, and it makes sense to me that pro software like Enscape would support a pro headset. I don't imagine hardware capability will be an issue.

    Did you try it? How it was?


    Alexander thanks alot. Well seems like I was quite wrong in pure power. On the other side are thermals and other stuff.

    Zoomer-thank you very much for your professionalism. I have personal experience only with M1 family from basic to ultra. And ultra and max in studio was overkill for my work. So I’m still with the pro and based on need of portability in MacBook pro 14. As far as I see all tests and reviews the thermals are much higher so the fan speeds/noise what is no go zone for me. Therefore I gave such advice. Also I read about the first TSMC batch of chips done by 3nm which where ordered by Apple and after/during the production they realised that the process is not as refines as the were thinking. Anyt seems like my knowledge is far less then yours so I keep

    Listening and not giving advices. 🤷‍♂️

    Based on many reviews and other infos, I will rather wait for M4 or save some money and go for M2. From my point of view the only option for M3 will be M3 max in Apple studio. From the thermals, disk speeds, overall performance it seems to me like the 3nm process was not that refined before they produced this batch of M3 chips…don’t want to say that it’s bad, but definitely not my choice and I think not worth to invest over m2 or m1….

    Hello tomankubik

    thanks for sharing your experience!

    Current Enscape version will profit a little from the overall GPU performance improvement of M3 compared to M2 and M1. However, with hardware raytracing introduced in M3 we will probably be able to also enable advanced global illumination features we have only on Windows now. We did not have hands on M3 yet, but it will follow and of course we will share if it has enough power to drive GI.

    Thanks for really quick answer…so it seems that I will wait till implementation of this feature and maybe for M4 lineup…or so

    Hello everyone, I am planning to buy a Macbbok pro M3 Max (16 cpu 40 gpu) and I would like to know if anyone of you has experience using sketchup and enscape on Apple laptops. Do you think it will work smoothly?

    thank you!

    Please let us know how it works the new M3 ray tracing with Enscape I’m really curious…maybe someone from Enscape should give us info if there is some implementation or boost from this new M3 feature

    I was Working on MacOS Sketchup and Vray since version 1.45….then switched for several years to Windows and Cinema 4D until my latest workstation with RTX 3070 and tested Vray, Vantage, Corona, Octane, Vray, Twinmotion and finally discovered Enscape. Bought first M1 MacBook Air and tested Enscape there. since then came back to MacOS. When was Enscape more stale on MacOS I have bought M1 Studio Max, after few months realised that Studio is overkill for my needs and I need portability, so sold Air and Studio and bought base model MacBook Pro 14 M1 pro maybe year ago. It’s my workhorse till now. I use widows workstation only for videos which is like twice a year. But my needs are not too big, my mostly architect and visuals are so said bonuses for my clients…and the resolution for stills are 4K maximum…but from my point of view and workflow for me it doesn’t matter if I wait for still 20 or 40 seconds…ps my viz skills and results are really basic and not heavy models

    dear Suguru, probably you wont belieme me but Im still thinking (from your first crash reports while ago) how to help you, my few ideas:

    1. it might be some kind of heavy or special geometry in Sketchup (if its ok with you, not breaking some kind of NDA or rules, you can send me test file on email|

    2. it might be some kind of plugin in Sketchup (it might help to have proper clean install of Sketchup- but I expect you tried it)

    3. it might be some kind of other installed software

    4. some special monitor setup (I use macbook pro in clamshell mode conected via USBC/thunerbolt to one 27'4K monitor) maybe you have some 8K ultrawide or so or multiple monitor setup

    5. some kind of settings in MacOS (maybe some accessibility, or security settings)

    6. maybe internet connection (as far as I know Enscape keeps (pinging packets via net to check license or assets or something else)

    7. or Im totaly wrong

    if youre not living too far I can sent/bring my macbook and you can try it there...

    hope you will find the solution soon...

    dear suguru, honestly I do understand your disappointment. Im not sure if Enscape is industry leader and I dont know what future brings after merging with Chaos, now it seems like we might get different pricing system based on integration with Vray and trying to sell bigger SW packkage, but thats another story...

    I bought basic Macbook air with M1 just after realease (12/2020), installed beta of Enscape for Mac when it was ready and started to use it almost everyday, but still haveing Win workstation, then 05/2022 I bought Mac studio M1 max and install Enscape for Mac (full realease) and use it everyday for all my/our rendering jobs and never used Win from that time (I sold it in late summer), after few months I decided to sell Mac Studio because it was power overkill for my needs and bought Macbook Pro 14 M1 almost basic config and Im useing it till now. I have installed just programs which I realy need (Autocad, Sketchup with very few plugins, Enscape and Affinity suite) nothing more, I always keep my MacOS uptodate. I dont want to say that Enscape didnt crash but at all, but its really not more then few times per month. I cant remember the last time. I know that Im not power user (mostly 4K stills) and my models arent heavy (obviously up to 200MB sketchup file) but I did several hours of videos during that time from pretty heavy models (almost 1GB sketchup model) and really dont remember crashes. Im thinking that it might be some kind of combination of MacOS and SW and maybe SKetchup plugins which causes your crashes...anyway I keep fingers crossed for you and hope that your problem will be solved soon.

    Hi guys, I have Macbook Pro 14 M1, 8core CPU, 14 core GPU, 16GB memory...MacOS Ventura 13.01...seems like verything is working fine for my size of projects...the power of the machine is enough...the only question I have is that it seems to me like the "link" Check for new version is not i have version 1.1.19 +1458 is it the last one...the newest?


    Wait. Or buy a faster Windows machine for 1/2 the price and invest the difference in APPL stock.

    thank you very much for your answer, well maybe its my personal problem, but I don't want to switch from Mac to win that often and also the win workstation is bit big, sometimes I need to carry it from office to home office and so on...I expect that Mac version will have some limitations, but I think i can forgive it to have the ecosystem....anyway thanks again and I will consider it.