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    Guess it would be better to connect to something like Nearmap or MetroMap - MetroMap even if you must pay

    it will not make the Open-Source fans happy: try OSM in Australia it is completely useless.

    The fact is good 3D information costs Money to create but the more use it the cheaper it gets

    so the ability to connect to a different data source would be useful.

    I would not mind it: if this tool would have an option to stop updates in Revit when placing content via the Enscape window

    For placing books and other small items I don't want to see in Revit. If there would be a way to add them without syncing to Revit

    To me, that would be great

    I fully agree with Pieter; my Users are endlessly confused about how the new presets work

    Auto-magic is not always the better solution. Give us a sense of control

    If we can't work it out easily and it's not apparent what is happening it is not a good UI

    I'm wondering whether Enscape Materials for Revit is going to support only Legacy Generic type materials? Or is it planned to support the new PBR shaders?

    I ask this because we want to migrate to Enscape Material Editor and all of our materials were created with Revit PBR Shaders (not the legacy ones) and for now Enscape seems to support only generic legacy materials.

    Same for us we moved with Revit 2019 to PBR shaders

    hope this will be next as far as I know Enscape does support also glTF supports now more advanced shader features

    New glTF Extensions Raise the Bar on 3D Asset Visual Realism - The Khronos Group Inc

    Hi oolaef

    I do the same type of instance conversion as you described

    I think you may be trying too many tricks at the same time

    If you want the tree to be Type and the Grate Type as well but independent

    Simply nest the shared Grate family but don't link those parameters at all

    you can change the type size by tap selection the Grate and then change the type or change the type in the Project browser.

    This is normal shared family behaviour

    We need our trees to be Instance for Width and Height and a few more parameters and then it gets far more complex

    I attached a tree and grate just taken from the Escape Library and this should just give you what you want

    Hi oolaef

    It works also as a linked Instance parameter

    But you must trick the nested shared Family with an extra parameter.

    Shared families' parameters turn into type parameters by default like in groups

    If you link them directly nothing will happen

    But linking them by an intermedia parameter does the Magic

    see the below screenshots you can control them completely independent or link them via a formula

    Make the Lantern shared add an instance parameter "EnscapeHeight" add EnscapeHeight as Formula

    to Height then nest into Tree Family and create New LinkedAssetHeight Parameter and link the Nested EnscapeHeigth Parameter to it.

    Now you can control both scaling independently

    and you don't need even a nested Planting Family in this case I changed it to a Lighting Family, and I can still control the height of both independently.

    Having said this working with shared families can be very confusing for new Revit users.

    Therefore, I do try to avoid using them when I have other options. For instance, if you must deal with Phases then this quickly becomes a liability.

    As said, we use 2 Dynamo Scripts one to Place a Family at the same place as the tree and another one that will move a family based on the tree location

    Hi oolaef

    It is possible to have nested elements in Revit Families and control the Height/Scaling independent in Enscape

    The way you gone about it will not work as you nested two Meshes and Revit will see them as One and not scale the Mesh separate

    But you can add a simple Revit Family with Revit Geometry controlled by the Height Parameter and link whatever Enscape Asset you want to It

    then select the shared nested Family and adjust the Height and the Enscape Asset will scale separate from the Tree

    I just attached a quick mockup nesting a Person into my Tree Family

    the Person does not scale in Revit because its a mesh and not nested

    That's why for something like a Tree Grate, make a quick parametric Revit family and add the Enscape Parameters.

    But on a different note, we had the same discussion hers but decided to place the Grates separate with a quick and simple Dynamo Script

    that gives us more flexibility.

    My experience was similar to Herbo's with running at the memory limit.

    I did not have time to test it again but avoiding Out of Memory issues or even crashes as in my case is really important when sharing with clients where you don't know on what kind of comp it is played back.

    Great additions very much appreciated

    But I had some horrible crashes with scenes close to my 6 gig limit of my RTX2060 it crashed Revit as well wit5h no chance to sent a report.

    With smaller scenes, I had no issues.

    One thing I missed was a way to selecting elements that tell me what material is used like the BIM feature just for Materials only