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    Hello. I´m having some problems with certain textures.
    Some materials display properly and some just don´t. I get the ones that do and swap the texture image with the ones that don´t and then they don´t show anymore.
    I thought it was from my side making bad files, but I recalled it is happening also with proper VW materials.
    Is this a known issue?
    Can you provide help, please?

    Regardless the discussion about the feature-request-board, which as user I think we would all appreciate.
    Is there any news on the Enscape for iOS?
    I guess you must be familiar with BIMx, the iOS platform from Archicad. From my experience it is BY FAR the best architectural tool for iPad, but it depends on Archicad. I think if you took the already amazing power of Enscape, and added 1. export to iOS and 2. if possible Document interaction, you'd easily overtake BIMx...

    Hi. I'm using Enscape 3 on VW2020. Will try it in VW2021 soon.
    I see the B(BIM information) option but it reports no BIM information for the object though I know I have the object FULL of information.
    Is this a thing also for other platforms? I´d very much like to have this intergrated/achieved.

    Indeed there is. If I want to test run the preview version (which I guess is not advised for production) and ALSO do some production work, it means I have to uninstall-install each time I change my work, right? Or am I missing something?