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    Hello Adam, thanks for the info , do you ever had the issue of the VR view shaking while using it ? i have a quest 2 and using the rhino enscape file in my computer connected with the link cable. It keeps shaking while moving inside the model. All other softwares work fine, unfortunately only enscape has this issues ,

    Let me know if this ever happened to you

    thanks !


    Hello , i just updated my plugin to Enscape 4 and it wount start start inside of rhino. I see the tool bar and everything buy when clicking the start enscape in a window nothing happens . When opening the files that i was working on there seams to be no materials in enscape when i open the material editor. I need to scale back to enscape 3.5 but i dont want to loose all the textures that are installed inside enscape how can i do that ? where are imported textures and all local assets located so i can save them ,

    My license is working and i logged in into my account from enscape in rhino so im not sure whats going on , there are no error messagess .

    Thanks again


    Hello dear users , i have an issue my fixed seat license is not working is telling me that i exceded the amount of users but Im the only one using it. I try to call customer services but there is no number to call and i send a request. I have a deadline and there is not place to get instant help for a customer , the chatboot wouldnt help neighter im frustrated. Does any one know a contact number ? thanks

    Hello , Dear Enscape community, do we know if we are going to get moving assets ? vehicles and others similar to this. I have been asking for this since Enscape 2.4 and about two years ago I think and the team mentions that they are thinking about it but still no news . I love enscape so much but everytime a client requests an animation with moving objects I have to work with D5 render ( that is actually free) . Now before the quality used to be far less than escape but they are catching up really fast and now i'm not sure if they match. I think they are dropping the ball big time here D5 along with Twinmotion are significantly improving real time quality yet enscape is still no addressing the issue. I'm not saying this because i want to stop using enscape , i love it and i think is the best regarding quality and usability , Please let us know if the team has a time table to address this gaps , thank you

    Hello Demian & FernandoHS ! i was able to figure it out what was groing wrong with my model , sharing it here just in case it evers happens to you ! , i started to test render my model separetely in different files to fine out if it was something wrong with the geometry , so furniture render out fine , walls rendered out fine and then textiles it turns out it was crashing big time , so after updating everything it turns out it was the texture map of one of the pillows , for some reason it was in TIFF format , big but not that big 4000x4000dpi , i made it smaller and save it as a JPG and then everything worked fine , spent two hours crash testing the file , so anyway it seams TIFF may messUP your render big time . Thanks Demian again for all the help !


    I have a big problem with the software , i use enscape with rhino and i have been working well until yesterday , today every time i hit open enscape render window it start loading and then both esncape and rhino shuts down , no error message nothing , im not sure what is happening not updates from windows have been made and i havent install anything . can someone please advice about how to proceed ? im in the midle of a deadline and this is kind of freaking me out thanks !

    Hello ,

    Im thinking about getting a laptop to work with rhino + enscape - Large architectural projects and i was thinking about the GIGABYTE AERO 17 HDR XD - 17.3",

    Does anyone has experience with this brand ? i read is very powerfull considering the price , does anyone has any recomendations for a laptop ? im looking for something powerfull but stylish since i cant take a gaming laptop to a client meeting unfortunately . The link of the computer is below , thank you all !!!…%2Ccomputers%2C365&sr=1-3

    This is remarkable , same happened to me basically got the monthly subscription and it went from 47.91 EUR to 73.93 EUR in four months and they told me from customer support that they recomend the anual suscription now to me . They changed the priceright after i got the licence . I mean shouldnt at least kept our contract for a year rather than forcefully move us to an anual subscription with a price hike . It should have been made for new customers and to the old customers at least keept the pricing for some time , it feals very bad because i loved the company and the software they where like the under dog and friendly and then the pull this typical large company BS with greedy pricing tactics .

    Below are my details for me first and last invoice .

    Dear Jeronimo,

    your invoice INV00149710 is available:

    Invoice Due Date: 17/02/2021

    Account Balance: 47.91 EUR

    Please remit payment within your payment term.

    Your payment term is: Due Upon Receipt

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    Kind regards,

    Your Enscape Team

    Dear Jeronimo,
    Your invoice INV00178097 is available:

    Invoice Due Date: 06/17/2021
    Account Balance: 73.93 EUR
    Please remit payment within your payment term.
    Your payment term is: Due Upon Receipt

    You can also view your invoices in the
    License Center.

    Kind regards,
    Your Enscape Team