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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Hello, we are trying to incorporate Enscape videos (as an .mp4) into our firm's website and for some reason it will not play. Specifically Enscape's mp4s.

    Our site will play other mp4s but for some reason it will not load and play Enscape's. The file size is only 7.5 MB. We have tried multiple videos and all have failed.

    Has anyone had any success or experience with adding Enscape mp4 files to websites? Thanks


    In my case I upload my videos on Youtube (without reference) then I use the link on my website

    Oculus Air Link is coming soon !


    I was wondering, will Enscape benefit from the technology Nvidia's Resizable BAR in the future ?

    Here is the list of compatible CPUs :

    AMD Chipsets
    AMD 400 Series (on motherboards with AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5xxx CPU support)
    AMD 500 Series
    AMD CPUs
    AMD Zen 3 CPUs Ryzen 3 5xxx Ryzen 5 5xxx Ryzen 7 5xxx Ryzen 9 5xxx
    Intel Chipsets
    Intel 10th Gen Z490 H470 B460 H410
    Intel 11th Gen S All 11th Gen chipsets available as of February 25th, 2021
    Intel CPUs
    Intel 10th Gen Intel 11th Gen S-Series
    i9-10xxx CPUs i9-11xxx CPUs
    i7-10xxx CPUs i7-11xxx CPUs
    i5-10xxx CPUs i5-11xxx CPUs
    i3-10xxx CPUs

    Currently, when I work with Enscape, GPU usage is often constantly near 100%, and memory used is 6.5-8.0 out of 8.0. It starts to be buggy, overheat, etc.

    I forgot to ask, what is the temperature of your GPU during render ?

    Iwe'd maybe have a lot of 2nd hand cards on the market and prices of the new cards would drop to a normal level - at the moment, they seem to be 2x more than they should be..

    Sadly it's not going in the right direction, whether it is Nvidia or AMD...

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    Personally, I am lucky to have a RTX3090 (MSI SUPRIM) and a Ryzen 5950X. Everybody talk about gamers but us, professionals or 3D lovers, it's not an easy time either...


    The GPU market is totally crazy these days, at least in France/Europe. The exorbitant prices make these new GPUs (RTX3000 and RX6000) very bad quality / price ratios. You can't wait ?

    If you can, by a HUGE chance, get a 3080FE then go for it !