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    For post-production, there are two options I'm familiar with:

    A) PowerPoint > blank slide > paste the image > Artistic Effects > Soft Edges > Pick the percentage you think is most suitable > Right click the image once you're satisfied and save picture as PNG to maintain the transparency at of the soft edges. This will give a gradual transition/gradient between the Enscape background and the white sheet.

    B) Photoshop, tutorials:



    - Plenty of other tutorials out there. Also, check the method using the Gaussian blur.

    They're not perfect solutions but saves me time. Hope that helps!

    Definitely +1!

    It would make things a lot easier to have architectural-style symbols in the plans, sections and elevations, rather than go back and forth between using Enscape assets and Revit assests. (I'm also aware of the 'link appearance...' - or something like that - method, though I haven't used it because it would be much easier for me to just select all similar assets like Enscape trees and replace them with Revit trees.)

    +1 Indeed!

    First of all, a big thank you to the developers behind Enscape! Really appreciate the open/ongoing communication between users and developers. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

    I just wanted to add my two cents/fils to this topic by simply requesting if it's also possible to create more Middle Eastern/Arab/Persian Gulf or Muslim models.

    I know a few female models like Jesenia, Amaya and Myriam already exist, but more female and new male models in traditional attire and more poses would be so appreciated and really helpful for our projects, especially here in my country (Bahrain).