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    I have learnt Sketchup on my own and after trying a number of rendering applications, have landed on Enscape. I have learnt without any guidance so bare with me on my mistakes please :). Your guidance would help me. It's an apartment on 15th floor and I have plotted only the apartment and nothing else.

    The house has been designed by my friend and I have only executed based on her design, color combinations, lighting choices, etc.

    Look at a few pictures;

    House from the front;

    The living & dining area;

    The master bed


    The common washbasin;

    The Kitchen;

    The master bath;

    The kids bedroom;


    Let me have your feedback and I will work on it.

    Yep, tried doing that, but no luck. Tried hiding a lot of content and left the model only with one small bedroom, didn't work either. I'm not sure what's going on. As I have said, I can export to 1080p, but I need 4k and above for marketing purposes as well.

    Yes Jonathan, I have already done that on Friday morning hours, but have been waiting for a response. My entire project is taking a hit as I'm a licensed user and losing my valuable days. The ticket number is #39965.

    My Windows 10 got recently updated to the \'Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803\', post which I\'m facing the issue while using Enscape. When I try to export any photo in 4k format, it begins and the entire application along with Sketchup is killed automatically. This was running fine before this update came to Windows and I\'m not sure the reason. I can now only export a photo in 1080p format.


    pluginVersion: 2.2.18113.742

    gpuInfo: Win32_VideoController instance

    AdapterCompatibility: Intel Corporation

    Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

    VideoProcessor: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

    AdapterRAM: 2112 MB

    DriverDate: 20151221000000.000000-000


    Win32_VideoController instance

    AdapterCompatibility: NVIDIA

    Description: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M

    VideoProcessor: GeForce GT 640M

    AdapterRAM: 2048 MB

    DriverDate: 20180422000000.000000-000


    cpuInfo: Win32_Processor instance

    Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz

    MaxClockSpeed: 2201

    NumberOfCores: 4

    Manufacturer: GenuineIntel

    memoryInfo: 16266

    osVersion: 10.0.17134