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    Lol but why are you trying to run rendering programs on a laptop (geez what is that a 2014 MacBook?...its thick) ? Use a desktop 27" iMac for 2k and Bootcamp it if your nasty( or wait a couple months for those Apple Silicon Macs which won't be able to Bootcamp). I am looking for a Lumion replacement but will keep looking. Twinmotion isn't there yet and this program seems perfect other than no Mac support.

    Modern Apple machines include dedicated graphics cards (depending on the price and model though) which would be supported by Enscape just fine, it's just that the majority of older Apple machines only include a dedicated on-board Intel graphics chip, which is simply not efficient enough for Enscape.

    We may offer support in the future (especially when more and more models will be released with dedicated graphics cards), but we cannot make any promises yet.

    I'm forwarding your inquiry to support Mac in the future as well.

    Well now every single new Mac will have amazing graphics down to Mac mini and MacBook Airs (Apple Silicon). iMacs and MacBook Pros have had dedicated graphics for like more than 7+ years... So yes maybe 8 year old machines won't run Enscape but that's ok most Mac owners have 2-3 year old machines and not older. Although I do have my 2014 iMac as a 2nd monitor to my 2017 iMac. Both have dedicated video. It is ok to just say : "we have not developed it for Mac and will look into it". Most people will not be running this program on a laptop so all the desktops (iMacs) $1299 and up have dedicated graphics. Soon they will have graphics performance which will way outperform the old CPU/GPU architecture of old ( Apple Silicon in iMacs will be amazing if low power M1 chips are any indication).