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    As an office, we are currently using the workflow of exporting a preset every time, and then importing it again every time to ensure that it has not accidentally been changed. Not ideal.

    We all await with baited breath, for this auto-save 'feature' to be removed.... As you suggest Demian, allowing users to choose is the ideal solution and would satisfy all users.

    I'm in the same boat as Awais. We import high resolution survey files of isolated areas around our site (either surveyed data or purchased from VuCity), and therefore need to 'cut out' the Enscape Site Context for the overlapping area, which includes topography as well as buildings.

    The inplementation of Site Context is excellent and a huge time saver (in particular loading up Enscape) and would be great to have a bit more control. For context modelling, we currently use a very large extent of our country modelled with low res buildings and topo (could very likely be the same source as what Site Context uses), however would be great if we could eliminate the use of another external linked Revit file....

    Edit: just to add to this - is there a way that the buildings can be 'deeper' than just sitting on the top of the topo, so that they don't float? Maybe if at all possible make the bottom of the buildings say 5-10m deeper than required....

    My first question to you is which version of Enscape are you using?

    We had similar issues with certain projects consistently crashing AFTER updating to the latest version (3.1.0+51825) of Enscape. After reverting back to 3.1.0+45914, it was fine...

    Yes would be useful. We use them a lot for reports, showing various Design Options etc, and are having to set up a perspective view with the field of view down to minimum to 'mimic' an orthogonal view.


    No issues with seeing the 'waves' on liquid, but the based on the blogs I have read, the height of the waves should be adjusted using the Wave Height parameter within the Materials in Revit. This does not seem to have any affect for me - i.e. setting it to 0.0 or 5.0 is the same. The only way I can adjust it is by varying the Wind Intensity slider in Enscape, which is not ideal as it means that the trees are looking like they're in a category 5 hurricane.....

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this a 'bug' that needs to be fixed?

    Using 3.10+51316

    Okay so quick synopsis. We were trying to produce a video.

    Enscape-3.1.0+51825 - kept crashing

    Enscape-3.1.0+51316 - kept crashing

    Enscape-3.0.2+45914 - it was fine.

    So some issue with 3.1.0...maybe an incompatibility if starting in pre-3.1.0 and updating and trying to produce videos with it?

    Yes a huge negative, especially for an office with multiple users...and most of us are relatively new to Enscape, so very easy to make a mistake of adjusting a 'preset' without realising. A real nightmare if trying to export views over days to work in within PS to photomontage. Lighting is differet, DOF is different, so near impossible to know what settings you used last time...

    Have to add my +1 on this.

    Especially when working as a team, and wanting to come back later to export a view that has exact same settings, so that it can be replaced like-for-like in Photoshop (for example).

    If someone unintentionally adjusts a setting, the previous setting is lost forever...think the word 'preset' is probably not the correct one to describe the functionality of this in 3.0 LoL.

    So far, considering reverting back to 2.9 for the office, as the multitude of new pros don't outweight the new negatives...