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    Hi, I'm new around.

    I literally just joined this forum to like and support thijslankers' post, since it simply states all of my wishes for where Enscape can improve for the future.

    I have been working in Enscape for roughly two years now and it has changed my entire workflow in architecture, allowing me to be become a better designer, thanks to the seamless, real-time feedback, allowing me to control every detail throughout the entire design process. It really has been a game-changer for me and I am a passionate supporter and promoter of Enscape (which is why, I figured it's finally time to join this forum and contribute however I can with ideas and such).

    That out of the way, like thijslankers mentions in his requested list of features, I truly believe the mentioned points are vital to bring Enscape in a position, where it can downright dominate its direct competitors - especially in the real-time rendering market. As some other users mention, feature requests are very subjective based on different users and workflows in Enscape, but I would argue, that features such as vegetation brushes, proper section lighting and improved reflections should have universal appeal and be a high priority, especially when minding the competiton.

    As an extra point, I would suggest focusing on somehow integrating Quixel Megascans Bridge and their asset infrastructure into Enscape, if this is possible. I have no idea as to the technical complexity of implementing this and also if there are legal/copyright challenges and such, but I think that would effectively "fix" all requests for a lot of extra assets. I personally use Enscape exclusively in SketchUp, which perhaps isn't the easiest when implementing and coding for 3rd party applications (currently you have to use Transmutr as a workaround to import Quixel assets), so if there was some way to make a universal and more direct "asset import" tool directly for importing 3rd party assets, perhaps even automatised or even better, "drag and drop", that would be another absolute gamechanger.

    Hope I didn't get too off-topic there, but keep up the fantastic work Team Enscape! :)