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    I just got the Go and have to say that the Oculus Go WILL have a place in the Enscape market. It's cheap, portable, and the lens and image quality is just as good as the Rift. In all honesty, after using VR and Enscape for a few months now I am realizing that you really don't want clients to have full reign to walk all around a model most of the time. Pick a few key vantage points, let them click through and look around, and then move on with the presentation. No really one wants to wear the headset for any more than a few minutes I am finding. Also, being able to grab the Go and run out the door and not pack up the laptop, sensors, cables and then have to set that all up is really huge for me. It's all so much of a pain that I have been using VR less and less but now with the Go I can see us using it more.

    This is pretty much my experience. However, there are occasions when the Rift is very useful but not usually the case with clients who usually have limited time and patience to experience a nice VR model. But I am still disappointed that the Oculus Go is not more interactive. It's basically a fancy version of the cardboard.