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    The shutter time at the images you posted is huge, propable in the order of a second. Of course that can be a style of choice, but that is not what motion blur means at Enscape. The motion blur at Enscape is only there to make a video look "smooth" because as a viewer, you're used to a slight amount of motion blur in all video material.

    Thank you Thomas,

    I didn't expect the motion blur to have that much of a shutter delay as well :)

    I was just a bit confused since I feel that the Motion Blur isn't really noticeable to my eyes. It sounds like it was supposed to be subtle.

    What does not work? Or what did you expect that does not happen? It adds a bit of blur when you move the camera or if you export a video. It simulates a real world camera with around 30 images per second.

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for your response!

    I suppose I was expecting something to the effect of:

    However when I turn it on/off I can't seem to notice the difference. Could I be doing something wrong?

    By application I guess I am wondering what real-life cases/examples when this feature becomes useful.