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    I have models with existing enscape vegitation assets, which the vegitation no longer shows up or renders in the enscape window. Hass there been a change to the asset library?

    I noticed the Custom Assets tab which I don;t rember seeing before.

    I have a deadline to meet for renders tonight and I don't have the time to replace al lthe vegitation in my models.

    I have submidded a feedback report.

    I am getting the same errors, submitted a report first thing this morning.

    Now I have found that my existing vegitation assets are not remdering, has there been a background chage to this? Newly added trees show up fine. I don't have the time to replace all the trees in my model.

    I'm having the same issue, sketchup 2020, enscape 2.8 crashes before render bar starts filling in.

    I have tried submitting the error, but im not sure if it has or not as it takes sketchup down with it as well.

    reverted to 2.7 and using that no problem.

    I use my spacpilot in my SU workflow a lot, when running ensape the focus switches to the render window, have to close enscape to get the focus back to sketchup. Been using a spacepilot for about 7 years now, in Sketchup, max and C4D, Great tools :)

    The amimation and physics and rendering tools tools in C4D and MAX are miles ahead of anything in Sketchup, but Sketchup is easier to model in.

    I was a long time MAx/C4D user and did everything from Architectural renderings to full character animations for the oil industry.

    Scenery and props were modelled in sketchup, characters and their animations were done in poser, combined in C4D for animating props, set and texturing then sent to the render farm for final output.

    If there was a C4D plugin it would have negated the use of a 110 core in house render farm.

    There are several real time rendering plugins for C4D and MAX (Octane, Vray, U render, Arnold, Furryball) but Enscape would be a great addition.

    Reverted to build 2.4.19022.1417 and got the 'cog' back in the cardboard view, created a custom QR cardboard profile to calibrate my phone screen and it seems to be working a lot better.

    When I create a 3D panorama for cardboard, the images don't 'line up' and give a 3D image when I switch to cardboard view its like the images are too far apart.

    There is no 'cog' icon to calibrate the viewer either as shown in the knowledgebase article.

    I'm running the latest sketchup preview build and a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a standard cardboard viewer.

    I'm having issues with enscape crashing too on large models, as soon as you try to take a Screenshot (to file) it just crashes out, straight to desktop, no errors.

    Using 2.3.18222.855

    Found this on the internet. Can't figure out what software is used for it.
    Hope that someone can help me with that, because this is what I really want to show my clients !!!

    Maybe Enscape can offer this too in the future ? 8o

    My money is on Max or C4D, used to do a lot of stuff like that in a previous job, the animation section of C4D is very good at doing that sort of thing. Used to do full character animation in C4D via poser, as well as architectural renderings. I am enjoying Enscape as a quick presentation tool but I wish it had some of the subtleties of a full blown render package, more control over lighting and the render engine, physical cameras, better texture control etc.

    Thanks for the replies, if I have a building with a north facing garden, it can look too dark in the renders on the external walls, I may put a while plane in as a reflector, behind the camera to bounce more light back. It's also handy on internal shots to have a fill light or two in dark areas, and an adjustable linear falloff would be good too :)

    Will have a look at the ambient brightness setting, but it sounds like a global value, it's just certain areas that I sometimes need to brighten, not the overall image.

    Also, a way to adjust the grass height/displacement an maybe have a few varieties of grass would be good, we deal with artificial grass and the enscape grass is too long.

    Is there a way to stop an Enscape light (in sketchup) from casting a shadow? and to switch off specular reflections?

    Sometimes I need a 'fill light' that doesn't cast a shadow or show up in reflections in glass.