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    After quite a lot testing,

    Actually, old Enscape version can work with Rhino 8 under the legacy .net framework mode, such like version 3.4.4 and 3.5.2 and so on.

    You can simply change the .net core to .net framework in Rhino 8 via the command "SetDotNetRuntime".

    But there is no guaranty it works perfectly. (there is always a but)


    So instead of take care of the experience for the existing users, you guys choose to expand the audience of your software.

    We know this might be a good strategy to make more money, but is it really the correct way ?

    We have saw so many software growing bigger and better with the users together; and also, we saw so much software died on the way of making more money.

    Hope Enscape will not show up on this list, you should know Water can carry boats, and yet it can also capsize them too.

    Hi Enscape Team,

    We have updated to Enscape 3.4.0 for several users, they are complaining about the new Enscape get whole Rhino crashed very often.

    It happens when they doing rendering, and after the Enscape loading at 100% then the whole Rhino get Freeze, and will lead to further crash after waiting a bit.

    I've downgraded to 3.3.1 then the issue is gone. (as we have downgraded all of Enscape to 3.3.1, so i cannot provide the Feedback from Enscape 3.4.0 for now.)

    Can you please kindly advise ?

    BTW, a further question, we are using Nvidia Standard driver instead of DCH driver. does Enscape have any specifications about those two different drivers ?

    Please let me know

    Thank you

    Hi Demian,

    Sorry for my late reply, our City was locked down due to the COVID-19.

    I have tried the latest version of Enscape 3.3.1+75071, the issue still here.

    A new workstation Dell T5820

    with new OS Windows 10 20H2.

    Revit 2021.1.5

    Enscape 3.3.1+75071

    Please kindly advise on this issue.

    Thank you

    Xiaoyu_Wang , Ben Peake, and noahmkelly , please also try to install our latest release for all users through our advanced installation steps, and make sure to fully uninstall any version of Enscape installed prior be it a preview or release version. Let me know if that does not do the trick, please!

    Hi Demian,

    This issue still happens under Enscape 3.2.0+65063.

    Can you please help to check with your team if there is any further fix or workaround ?

    As this issue brings further impact now - when we start Rhino Inside from Revit, the Rhino window will get crashed.

    Below are the details about our environment :

    Windows 10 20H2

    Rhino 7.11

    Enscape 3.2.0+65063

    Revit 2019 / 2021

    Dell 5820 Tower with :

    Intel Xeon Processor W-2245

    Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 8GB.

    Attachments are the logs from %tmp%\Enscape\logs