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    Hello !

    Here is a picture of my last work.

    Could you please help me with the glass reflexion issues ?

    If you look at the windows you can clearly see that there is something wrong.

    Is it me or is it a known issue ?

    Cheers !

    Thanks for the quick reply !

    I'm curently running the latest preview :

    Here is what's happening :

    -Open material editor

    -Apply albedo

    -apply bump map

    -Run Enscape preview

    Then I play with the slider like I usually do to apply the wanted depth to my material.

    When the slider is on ZERO, nothing happens (normal)

    If I move it just a bit on either side, I see depth but it is not increasing as I move the slider further.

    And it's not reversing as well. So right now it works like an "on/off" button.


    It's been a couple weeks since I started having issues with how to make materials look great in Enscape, especially when it comes to normal/bump maps.

    So I went online and searched "how to use Poliigon textures with Enscape". I was suprised to find exactly what I needed :

    Poliigon Textures in Enscape

    Can you tell me if everything make sense in this article, especialy the part where they tell us to add" _n" at the very end of a normal map filename for Sketchup cause I don't see any difference. Also it seems that the "Amount" slider in the Bump section of Enscape Material Editor doesn't affect the look of it anymore..

    I use poliigon textures all the time so if there is anything else to know please advise :)

    Happy texturing

    Hey Canacan , thank you for your feedback, but allow me to instead (or additionally) suggest the ability to generally allow the upload of user created models to the Asset Library? :) It's filed on our agenda so I'll happily add a further upvote through your voice if that is something you'd like to see implemented.

    Sure Thing, it sounds good as long as the users created models are checked and validated by Enscape. Or it's gonna turn into a Sketchup Warehouse :)

    Hello !

    I discovered the assets library in the latest update. it's great !

    I presume that new objects will be added in the future and I think it would be a good idea to have a thread where people can make requests for new items like specifc vegetation.

    My first request would be a "Cloud pine". Not sure if this is the right translation for "Pin des nuages" in french.

    I'm glad to see that Enscape is getting better and better :thumbsup:


    Hello guys !

    It looks like my panorama file size exeeds the memory limits of the cloud. (50 mo)

    I wonder if there is a folder in wich enscape saves all the Panoramas...
    As I can't upload my panorama to the cloud, my plan is to save it to file, reduce its size and re inject it into Enscape default panorama folder.

    Then I suppose I can upload my size reduced panorama to the cloud ?

    Hello !

    I’m rendering a scene that is showing a car.

    I’ve been playing with the material settings to get a descent look on the tires but I’d like to check with you folks if you thought about it and if you’d like to share your set.


    Before we can talk about settings per view I would glad to see settings saved to the project file. From my tests and projects I have a lot of saved finetuned setups and it makes no fun to work with the global saved options, the list is quite long. What will be in one year? If I would use Enscape more often than the list would useless long.

    If the setups would be saved to the project file than I would like to load the setups from a drop down list rather than from images files.

    Yeah this is actually a good idea

    You need to click two buttons;

    - one to Create View (camera icon) which will embed the camera position into the native application

    - and then at the top of the Settings you can save all the settings to re-load at a later date; this is global and not related to the model, so you are best to name it with a reference to the model and the view it relates to so that you can find it again.

    Ok, I was aware of the "Save settings" function.

    Didn't notice the "Create view" option though so thanks for that.

    So basically, my suggestion was some kind of a mix between the two...

    Hello !

    I was wondering if we could create a way to keep in memory the Enscape settings used at the time we take a screenshot.

    I'm saying this because sometimes, we have the "perfect setting" for a picture, then someone come up with a change to do in the 3D model and we have to take a new screenshot, sometimes days later.

    Maybe the process could be done by clicking in an image to import the settings... dunno what's best.

    I hope my message is clearly understandable cause it is sometimes tough to transcript ideas into words of a foreign language.

    Keep un the good work :thumbup:


    Once you've selected your glass material in Sketchup, open the Enscape material editor and play with these settings, I think you'll find what you need.